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Crime seeks to stop their struggle against aggressive Utah

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WSU quarterback Cameron Ward enters the field before the NCAA football game against Colorado State, on Sept. 17.

Trevor GanttEvergreen Deputy Sports Editor

WSU football is facing its worst meltdown of the season as they prepare to face Utah’s 14th team at home.

The Cogs have lost three of their last four games, lost to 15th place at Oregon 44-41, beat Cal 28-9, lost to 6th place USC 30-14 and then lost to Oregon 24-10.

After initially starting 3-0 and 4-1, this wasn’t where WSU expected it to be at the moment, at 4-3.

Utah has a similar record at 5-2, but is in a very different place than WSU. They lost to Florida early in the season 29-26 and then to No. 18 UCLA 42-32. However, they took their best win of the season in a very close match against seventh-place USC 43-42.

WSU offense has been in need of a revival for the past few games. He scored a total of seven points in the second half of his last two games. He scored a total of 24 points in the last two matches.

WSU’s running back Nakia Watson was injured in the match against USC, so real rookie Jaylen Jenkins stepped into the starting role. In the game against USC, he had 13 holders for a total of 130 rushing yards. He also shot two balls for 54 yards with one long receiver for 45 yards down the field. For the Cougar offense to be effective again, Jenkins needs to go against Utah, and feed him the ball more in the fast match.

Quarterback Cam Ward is tied for worst in Pac 12 with eight interceptions. Either a schematic change will happen, or Ward needs to be more conservative in his decisions. Many of these objections came from substandard decisions from Ward and most of them can be avoided altogether.

Defense leads, keeping the USC team killer to just 30 points and Oregon to 24 points.

Only crime is not able to put points on the board. Part of this was a brutal offensive line that allowed five bags against the USC and six bags against Oregon. Cougs tries to fix this, switching between the offensive linemen and creating fast passes, but it just wasn’t enough.

Utah has veteran quarterback Cameron Rising who is on pace to break his career into multiple categories. He has 1,855 passing yards so far with 15 touchdowns and three interceptions, along with 308 passing yards with six fast touchdowns this season.

“I think the quarterback on the bar is the number one contender I’ve seen. I mean this guy does it all. If they need to run it 20 times, he’ll do it and he’ll physically do it. If they need him to throw it 40 times, WSU coach Jake Dickert said, He’ll do it.” “It’s a unique skill set and I think he’s one of those guys to rival his tail.”

Utah tight end Dalton Kinkade was a big squad builder at Utes. He ranks seventh in the Pac-12 in receiving yards with 558 and is tied for second in the Pac-12 with six touchdowns. He’s coming off a game against USC where he had 16 passes for 234 yards and a touchdown.

The Kinkade is a 6-foot-4, 240-pound beast that can fly. He is practically incompatible with any position. Too big for safety or a corner, too fast for a linebacker and way too athletic for a defensive lineman.

“For flexing and mismatching the corner, go back to the penalty area and have the ability to knock out the D-end. Maybe they hand him the ball,” Deckert said. “Versatile, skill set is clearly next level and he has a bright future. I don’t think you shut down a man like that.”

Deckert campaigned around Pullman, bringing signs to businesses that said “committed.” He toured Greek Row and was on campus recruiting fans for Thursday’s game.

“Why don’t you show up? Why not? Let the reigning champions Pac-12 take our place. What an opportunity to show who we are as Cogs,” said Deckert. Support your team, right, and I think that’s the message for everyone. I am proud to represent Washington State. I know people all over the country who wear kujis are proud to be part of the state of Washington. So the question for me is: Why not? Why don’t you be here and cheer for this team? “

Utah 7.5 and . preferred ESPN WSU gives about 22% chance of winning the game.

WSU will play Utah at 7 p.m. Thursday at Gesa Stadium at Martin Stadium. The game will be broadcast on FS1.

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