Why did Hallmark star James Denton move his family to Minnesota after Desperate Housewives

James Denton opens up about life as an empty nest nearby and stars alongside his son in his new movie Hallmark.  (Image: Getty, Designed by Quinn Limmers)

James Denton opens up about life as an empty nest nearby and stars alongside his son in his new movie Hallmark. (Image: Getty, Designed by Quinn Limmers)

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James Denton’s two children were still in diapers when he first shot to TV stardom as sexy plumber Mike Delfino. Desperate Housewives – “I was never considered a great person until Mark Cherry convinced America to be. Teri Hatcher You’ll date me,” the actor laughs — but the legacy of the show has remained a part of their lives.

“That’s all they really knew, was people stopped me in restaurants, you know, took pictures and handed me the phone and asked me to talk to Meemaw or whatever,” Denton told Yahoo Life of his children, 19-year-old Shepherd and 17-year-old Malin. “So they’ve gotten used to it, and I think they love it.”

After all, not many babies can say, like Malin, that their birth made both CNN Kiron and Peoplee magazine, the latest to be blown up by Denton’s leading lady, Teri Hatcher, as a poster still hanging in his daughter’s room. And how many freshmen at the college can brag that they spent part of their cut-off year filming a Hallmark movie featuring their father?

Premiere Sunday, October 16, Hallmark perfect harmony Sees Denton playing rock star opposite on-screen love interest Sherry Som, with her son Shepherd He casts (what else) his character’s son. The proud father describes spending six weeks “in a hotel in an unknown location in Canada together” as one of the “best work experiences of my life.”

Denton and his son Shepherd star in Hallmark's Perfect Harmony.  (Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark)

Denton and his son Sheppard star in Hallmark’s perfect harmony. (Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark)

Interest in acting runs in the family, with mom Irene receiving an MA in theater from New York University and daughter Malin, who has just been starred in Mama Mia! At school. But the star is unsure about his son, and he is too thirsty musicianHe sees a Hollywood career in his future. Denton laughs as he shares how the psychologist signed up for an acting class at the school, but didn’t mention to his classmates that he had a page on IMDB or that he had a Hallmark movie coming out.

“He’s really good, but he’s smart enough to know it’s a tough way to make a living, and I don’t think he’s going to pursue it,” explains Denton, who also appeared alongside Sheppard in the 2016 movie Hallmark. For love and honor. And I’m torn, because it’s really good. The head of the network called me and said, ‘Your son is stealing this movie from you.’ I said, ‘That’s exactly what I want to hear,’ because Hallmark on their own, I don’t know who was going to let me just put my son in a movie, and they might They did it both times… They took the chance and loved it in it. And so it was very rewarding. But I don’t think he would follow through on it… Seems more practical.”

Denton's daughter Malin is a high school student with a passion for singing and acting.  (Photo: Courtesy of James Denton)

Denton’s daughter Malin is a high school student with a passion for singing and acting. (Photo: Courtesy of James Denton)

The Denton family moved to the suburbs of Minneapolis a month later Desperate Housewives He ended his eight-season career in 2012. Besides being close to Erin’s family there, Denton loved the idea of ​​raising his children away from Los Angeles.

“I knew the value of growing up in a smaller town,” says the Goodlettsville, Tennessee native, citing the different “pace” of life. “And with social media… they have enough to handle without being there [there]. Los Angeles is tough. I think the kids judge each other more harshly and everyone’s parents seem to work in the field in some respects, which is much easier for them in a small town.”

Denton himself isn’t on social media, though he admits that his bosses at Hallmark likely wish he was. (“If I didn’t do it when I was at the world premiere, it would be ridiculous to start now,” he points out.) Like many parents, he’s worried about the effect it’s having on his kids, though he admits that some technology advances – like the Find My app Friends that lets him keep an eye on his family, because you “never turn off your phone when they’re teenagers” – gave him peace of mind as a dad.

With one kid in college and the other in the middle of her final year of high school, good witch The star is feeling emotional as he transitions into a new phase of parenthood: Nester is almost empty.

“When your kids are adults… they’re completely different people,” says Denton, who is looking forward to returning to the stage after showing his next two Hallmark films. “You almost grieve for those kids who were 3, 4, 5, 6, because these people don’t exist anymore… Those kids are gone. So that’s weird. You can really get sad and sad.

“I see why people have children,” he adds with a laugh. “My mom had my little brother when my sister and I were 11 and 13, much to my dad’s surprise and dismay. But I see why people do it. I think mourning is almost the right word because you miss these kids. They are pretty much the same from about 5 to 11 years old. , and they still think you know everything and they still run around and throw themselves around your legs when you walk in the door. And then you have these two adults that you love the exact same way, but they’re completely different people.”

As a father, Denton says he was “too lenient — but they got it.” He remembers telling them both, “Until you prove otherwise, I’ll give you plenty of ropes,” and is happy to report that they gave him no reason to give his father an “iron fist.” And while he’s still worried about their struggle to acclimate to making their way in the world, he believes they’ll land on their feet.

“[As parents] Our primary task, contrary to all our instincts, is to make ourselves obsolete, “meditate.” And we did a very good job at that. My kids are very self-sufficient, very successful and healthy, and we are really fortunate.”

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