What you need to know about the free festival

Bali Media Center Its first-ever interactive festival will take place downtown this weekend, featuring a range of events designed to celebrate media, sports, games and entertainment.

dubbed PaleyWKNDThe opening street party will be held in association with New York City. The event begins on Saturday and Sunday (October 1 and 2) at West 52nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, as well as inside the Paley Center, which is on that block.

The assortment includes appearances from TV stars Jimmy Smits, superstar New CBS Drama “East New York” Drew Carey Host a live copy of “The price is right” To celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary (with broadcaster George Gray), a rare show of all four major slams of the professional sports leagues, Xbox games and appearances from Marvel Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider-Man.

Drew Carey will host a live version of his CBS game show
Drew Carey will host a live version of his CBS game show “The Price Is Right,” which celebrates its 50th anniversary.
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This is just the tip of the iceberg across species.

Maureen Reddy, President and CEO of the Bali Media Center, which was established as a Museum of Television and Radio in 1976. Designed in partnership with the top major sports leagues, popular media brands, gaming giants, and top entertainment companies.

The celebration, which begins Friday night with an exclusive members-only preview – tickets available over here And the over here – It is expected to attract tens of thousands of tri-statisticians. It is a collaboration between Paley Center and more than two dozen media brands – including Nickelodeon, who will come in handy with a large supply of muck for their brand, as well as an interactive experience with several franchises such as “Blue and you clues!” And the “Santiago of the seas.”

There will also be a virtual reality hub, an exclusive show for the upcoming AMC series “Anne Rice Meets the Vampire” – with cast members Jacob Anderson (Louis de Pointe du Lac), Sam Reed (Listat), Eric Bogosian (Daniel Molloy) and Billy Bass ( Claudia) – And the opportunity to watch a recording HBO Max podcast “True Blood” With co-stars Deborah Ann Wall (Jessica Hamby) and Kristen Power (Pam de Beaufort). There will also be shows for children’s shows “Peppa Pig,” “My Little Pony: Make Your Mark” and “Power Rangers: Dino Fury.”

Jimmy Smits will host a premiere of the new police drama in the fall
Jimmy Smits will host a premiere of his new fall detective series “East New York,” which will air on CBS.
Former NBA player John Starks, who starred with the New York Knicks from 1990-98, will be present at the W52. Saint to lead basketball clinics for people of all ages.
Former NBA player John Starks, who starred on the New York Knicks from 1990 to 1998, will be on West 52nd Street to lead basketball clinics for people of all ages.
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The center was founded by pioneering CBS President and CEO William S. Bali, who passed away in 1990 at the age of 89, the Center houses an extensive archival collection of audio and television broadcasts. It changed its name from the Museum of Television and Radio to the Bali Media Center in 2007 to better reflect its focus in archive and education on emerging interactive platforms including the internet, podcasts, mobile video, sports and games. (The Bali Museum is home to a game studio and podcast studio.)

During the year, the center hosts annual PaleyFest events—both here in New York City and at his other home in Beverly Hills, California—which include program and movie screenings and roundtable discussions with the stars of popular TV shows such as NBC & Order: SVU’s “Law” and “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+. On October 8, the Bali festival will feature the premiere of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” with stars including Cynthia Aday Robinson, Nazanin Boniady, Charles Edwards and Benjamin Walker.

All PaleyWKND events are free and open to the public. There is an option to book tickets to enter on time.

Here are some fun events you can check out during PaleyWKND:

Football fans of all ages can showcase their moves and handling skills on a small pitch, or head inside to watch Vince Lombardi Cup And the full lineup of all 56 Super Bowl episodes up close. The gallery also features all four major league trophies (NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL).

Championship trophies from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League will be on display.
Tournament trophies from Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League will be on display.

Kate del Castillo Attendees will be in person on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at Plaza Mainstage, located in the middle of the building, to present an exclusive preview of the season three opening of Telemundo’s hit series “La Reina del Sur.”

The Nintendo Outdoor Gaming Tent will feature Nintendo Switch gameplay around top-tier titles including Splatoon 3, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.

There will be a photo opportunity with the New York Mets mascots Mr and Mrs are dead (and their smiles) in association with Citi.

Mr and Mrs met outside their home at a baseball game at Citifield in Queens.
Mr and Mrs met outside their home at a baseball game at Citi Field in Queens.

The NBA and WNBA will host junior basketball clinics on 52nd Street, providing children and families with a chance to hone their dribbling, passing and shooting skills alongside members of the NBA family including the former Knicks player John Starks And the NBA champion Ron Harper.

The Metaverse explores New York City and the universe through augmented and virtual reality, transporting viewers from the streets of Manhattan to the vast expanse of the universe.

NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition is with you! It will have a video booth for kids (and adults) to practice making their own live report from the field, with a chance to record their own report for “NBC Nightly News Kids Edition” And an option to access and save the recording.

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