Welcome back, NBA. Let’s sum up all the drama before the much-needed hardwood shelter

On a private plane bound for San Francisco, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was stalking a long-lost friend he hadn’t seen in months.

Larry or.

Larry has been sleeping for a few months and needs the silver to fill in some voids before he gets to Chase Center. Silver and his golden friend usually do a few rounds before the playoffs but as usual, the two parts after the finals and reconnect in October before the new season starts.

Stephen Curry lifts the Larry O'Brien Trophy after the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals in June.  (Adam Glanzmann/Getty Images)

Edited for clarity, here is a transcript obtained by Yahoo Sports in their (fictional) chat:

Larry O: Adam! The last I remember was the Finals, Boston Golden State gave a really good run. All these young players, that great young coach, Aimee Odoka, who has led them all season. They must have a really great future, right?

Adam Silver: Well, kind of, kind of. This Ime Udoka, he’s had a few issues that are going to take him away from the team this season. He was caught in a little scandal.

Larry: scandal?

Adam: Yes, he had inappropriate relationship with another member of the organization. This goes against the company’s protocol. And it’s really a delicate and sticky situation.

Larry: It really looks ugly.

Adam: Yes, I was disappointed to say the least. What a brilliant star he is and now, I’m not sure about his future, with the Celtics or the league.

Larry: Well, Golden State, you have to be proud of your warriors, right? It is the image of stability and organizational harmony! steve curry Klay ThompsonAnd the Draymond Green

Adam: Hmm, about Draymond.

Larry: Wait, what happened with Draymond?

Adam: He is… recently Punched a teammate in training.

Larry: number!

Adam: And the … TMZ got the shots. Before you ask, it wasn’t Steve. she was Jordan PaulSomeone who was really close to him. Really unfortunate situation. He’s spent some time away from the team, but I’ll be there to give him the championship ring on opening night.

Larry: You did not hang it?

Adam: No, I left Warriors deal with it. I didn’t want to interfere in the team’s affairs. NBA Twitter has told me these things happen all the time.

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Paul and striker Draymond Green slap their hands during an NBA pre-season game on October 14, 2022 after Green returns to the team after a training fight in which he punched Paul.  (Photo from Associated Press/Jeff Chiu)

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Paul and striker Draymond Green slap their hands during an NBA pre-season game on October 14, 2022 after Green returns to the team after a training fight in which he punched Paul. (Photo from Associated Press/Jeff Chiu)

Larry: Now that I think about it, Adam, you have your hands full of Phoenix Stand. This was a very long investigation, and the last time I checked, I was almost done. Did you come up with anything?

Adam: she did! I Robert Sarver has been suspended for a year After my findings.

Larry: Not for life, as you did with Donald Sterling all those years ago?

Adam: not exactly. I had to walk brilliantly. After being suspended for a year, he The shepherds were very indignant About the results, they threatened not to renew so Mr. Sarver is now looking for Team Buyer.

(Fist bumps.)

Larry: cleverly, eh?

Adam: shrewdly.

Larry: Well, I remember Kevin Durant Being a rather unhappy young man when he was on the big stage. He seems to be in a happy place now, right?

Adam: It is now.

Larry: Currently?

Adam: Well, he’s gone through this stage – you know those millennials – where Order a trade outside Brooklyn for one minute.

Larry: no Networks Give him everything he wants? His coach, Keri and anything else?

Adam: Well, yes, but he was looking for a way out. I think he might have preferred Miami or Phoenix. But He’s back in Brooklyn And they are trying to make it work.

Larry: this is different. Usually these trading demands follow… trades. Why not this time?

Adam: The nets just refused… to trade with him. So, it will be Kevin and Keri and Ben SimmonsAnd the Try to make it work. despite of Request to dismiss the coach and General Motors.

Larry: This looks like a mess.

Adam: It was like that, but they didn’t trade it.

Larry: Noble concept. So you mean to say the nicks Are the main franchises in New York?

Adam: Not right. They won’t answer my calls. Or talk to the media, too.

Larry: In New York City?


Kevin Durant is back with the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving after a few uncertain weeks this season as he looks like he's on his way out of town.  (Albello/Getty Images).
Kevin Durant is back with the Brooklyn Nets and Keri Irving After a few uncertain weeks into the season as he looks like he’s on his way out of town. (Albello/Getty Images).

Larry: Well Well. Draft! I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the tall, skinny kid chit what’s his name.

Adam: you mean Chet Holmgren.

Larry: yes.

Adam: He’s out for a while, maybe a year. He cut himself during the pro summer. LeBron’s defense on a quick break.

Larry: Oklahoma City, right? He will be all year round, I bet. So Adam, what should I look forward to?

Adam: we will, Zion is back. And the as well as Kohi A year later, he suffered a knee injury. And the LeBron chasing the record set in the name of Karim. And I think Ja, Luca and Embiid are pretty cool.

Larry: So, you mean the game takes center stage.

“That’s right,” Silver says with a smile. “The game is the focus.”

With that, the friend brought back the smile and thanked Silver for taking the time in his day before he was flown to San Francisco for the night of the episode.

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