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AI Conversational Building Blocks help companies accelerate design and elevate customer interaction through multi-channel communications

Holmdel-based Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has launched Vonage AI Studio, a low-code/no-code software tool for designing, creating, and deploying natural language-powered customer engagement solutions using artificial intelligence. (AI)). Through these intelligent conversations, Vonage AI Studio helps companies increase customer engagement through personal and automated interactions across channels such as voice, texting and messaging apps like WhatsApp, according to the company.

The new independent Vonage AI Studio enables developers and IT professionals to create natural language customer interaction solutions such as virtual assistants for self-service support, billing updates, appointment scheduling, FAQs and more – with the ability to embed them into any app. Vonage AI Studio also includes machine learning models that adapt using higher-performance messaging – for example, during large call volumes, for greater efficiency.

Vonage customer Ronlight, the sole distributor of Garmin products in Israel, has leveraged AI Studio to create a virtual assistant within its call center environment to automate, scale, improve efficiency, costs, and overall customer engagement: “We created our virtual assistant, Ron, using Ronlight: “Vonage’s AI studio has made all the difference to managing call traffic in our call center.” In fact, with Ron, our call center is now 24/7 operational, successfully responding to over 70% One of the most frequently requested customer calls without any human assistance at all. This has significantly reduced call resolution times, enabling our direct agents to save the time they need to address customer inquiries and their most pressing issues.”

“Today’s businesses need to interact with customers across all avenues of communication, navigate seamlessly between channels and maintain meaningful communications during every stage of the customer journey,” said Savinay Berry, executive vice president of product and engineering at Vonage. “We have already seen how our customers are leveraging the power of AI Studio capabilities by deploying AI Virtual Assistant within our unified communications solutions and call centers. With the launch of Vonage AI Studio as a standalone product, we are putting the building blocks of conversation directly into our customers’ hands, powering automated messaging and apps that Speech supports that liberate agents while providing their customers with a customized experience at every touch point.”

Building a stronger partner ecosystem

In addition to providing companies with the tools to create smart interaction solutions, AI Studio also provides an opportunity for the Vonage API partner ecosystem. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can accelerate their development cycles to build competitive enterprise-grade virtual agents on any channels, and system integrators (SIs) can deliver premium service packages to businesses. AI Studio is native to the Vonage Communications platform, and gives these Vonage partners the ability to augment their existing platforms and offerings to provide their customers with custom integrations in CRM, call center, analytics, and more.

“Today’s consumer demands the ability to connect and communicate with businesses easily and seamlessly and through the same applications and channels they rely on in their personal lives,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “Likewise, businesses need the tools that enable them to easily create these types of meaningful connections, powered by AI capabilities to add efficiencies to workflows and using natural language that does not diminish the customer experience. Through AI Studio, Vonage equips companies in all market classes with technology and expertise to understand and address their customers’ needs faster by making applications smarter and more intuitive.”

see how AI Studio elevates customer interaction across the customer journey.

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