Ty Majeski cruises to the Homestead Trucks to beat Zane Smith

Majeski He dominated the final stage in Saturday’s race at Homestead-Miami Speedway and took a 4.524-second win. Zane SmithHe won his second series in the last three races.

Majeski is the only driver to advance to the title race next weekend at Phoenix Raceway with a win en route.

“Man, that’s cool,” said Majeske. “This place is practically hard to read. Nobody has any grip, right, so I didn’t really know what we had. But this (car) was bad to the bone today.”

“Thanks to Joe Scherr (Jr.), my chief of staff, we have worked so well this year together. I am so grateful we were able to get the most out of this thing. We will chase the championship in a couple of weeks.”

The other three drivers who will compete for the 2022 Series title are regular season champ Zane Smith, Chandler Smith and the current champ. Ben Rhodes.

Rhodes finished in the final by one point Stuart Friesen.

Friesen finished third in the race, Ryan Press finished fourth, and Corey Heim finished in the top five.

Rhodes completed the top ten, Christian EcksAnd the Matt CraftonAnd the Parker Kligerman and Chandler Smith.

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Stage 3

After the break between Stages 2 and 3, all the main lap trucks with Preece were drilled into the first road out of the pit. Kaden Honeycutt had a loose wheel on the pit road and had to restart from the back of the field.

In the reboot in Lap 67, Bryce Majeske, Ekes, and Zane Smith followed.

Majeski ran front on the inner streak on restart to take the lead for the first time in the race.

on lap 80 Grant Enfinger – who was sixth at the time – hit the wall and was forced to pit under the green with a flat front tire.

With 40 laps remaining, Majeske maintained his less than half a second lead over Zane Smith, as some drivers started the final round of green flag pits to take new tires and fuel to get to the end of the race.

Once the lap 102 pit stop was completed, Majeski was back on top. He was followed by Zane Smith, Bryce and Friesen.

With 20 laps left, Majeski had a 1.6sec lead over Zane Smith while Bryce remained third, more than 11sec off the leader.

Majeski’s lead over Zane Smith is close to five seconds with five laps remaining in the race.

The second phase

Zane Smith overtook Majeski to take his second stage win, his eighth stage win for the 2022 season.

Bryce came in third, Friesen fourth, and Rhodes in the top five.

After the break between Stages 1 and 2, all of the main lap trucks with Zane Smith were drilled first off the road.

Kligerman was penalized for speeding on a pit road and had to restart from the back of the field. Crafton had a crew member over the wall very early on, and he also had to restart from the back of the field.

On the restart on lap 37, Zane Smith followed Infinger, Rhodes and Bryce.

Rhodes went outside and took the field three times early in the second half and reclaimed the lead.

Zane Smith went inside Rhodes of Turn 4 at Lap 42 to regain the lead.

With 15 laps left in the stage, Zane Smith held just under a second behind Preece with Majeski close to third.

With five laps left, Zane Smith took a 1.8sec lead on Majeski as Preece dropped to third.

level 1

Rhodes stopped a late charge from Zane Smith to claim his first stage win, his ninth stage win for the 2022 season.

Friesen came third, Majeske fourth, and Infinger were among the top five.

Matt Debenedetto started first but Rhodes quickly advanced on lap 1.

With 20 laps left on the stage, Rhodes kept a small lead over Chandler Smith while Zane Smith was close to third.

on lap 14 John Hunter Nemecic She hit the wall and fell off the pace. He was forced to dig under the green with a punctured tire. He returned to the track at 35 and rolled down.

Three laps later, Nemechek was forced to dig again with another flat rear tire.

With five laps left, Rhodes had a 1.4sec lead over Zane Smith while Chandler Smith slipped to third.

Bryce, who was scheduled to start first, had to start the race from the rear of the field after making unapproved pre-race adjustments.

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