Tuesday ends with the transition to the second shooting scene

4pm update: The lead investigator stood at the residence where Clarence “Frankie Rhoden” and Hannah Hazel Gilly were murdered after testimony from the coroner on Tuesday.

Special Counsel Todd Fortner, who was on the stage previously to explain some of the techniques used to investigate the killings, began examining the prosecution for what CBI officials referred to as “Scene Two.”

Bobby Jo Manley, sister of Dana Manley Rhoden, found out about the death of her family members on the morning of April 22, 2016.

Update at 3:45 pm: The doctor who performed the autopsy on the Roden family continued to testify Tuesday afternoon after a lunch break, turning to injured Gary Roden.

Pathologist Dr. Karen Lowman, assistant chief of the Hamilton County Autopsy Office, spent the second half of the live examination answering questions about a second family member found in the home of Chris Roden Sr.

Special Prosecutor Angela Canepa asked Loman if she believed the same weapons used to kill Gary Rhoden were used to kill Chris Rhoden, Sr.

“Overall, they look the same size and they all have this little red stopper. So my take is that they are Hornady shots,” Lohmann said. The plug is a piece of plastic on the bullet.

Of the three shots to the head of Gary Rhoden, “Any one of those shots could have been fatal. And they all went into his brain.”

Lohmann said her decision on the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Unlike Chris Rhoden Sr., whose toxicology report came with only caffeine in his system, Lohmann said Gary Rhoden tested positive for cocaine.

The defense, in questioning Lowman with John Parker, George “Billy” Wagner’s attorney during cross-examination, asked Loman to return to the distances at which Gary and Chris Rhoden were shot. Le Mans then asked if she knew when their bodies had been placed in a refrigerated truck at the scene.

She said she was never told. When asked, he said it would have helped her analysis of knowledge.

Update at 12:30 PM: The doctor who performed Roden’s autopsy detailed the head-to-toe wounds of Chris Roden Sr. Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Roden’s injuries included three shots to the head, several shots to the torso including two to the back and one to the forearm and abrasions to the face and what’s known as a drip. Dr. Karen Lohmann, who performed the autopsy, explained the pitting as small scratches caused by fast-moving debris. In Roden’s case, the drip was caused by small pieces of wood.

She added that one of the bullets that hit Roden’s head caused an “internal decapitation” as it penetrated his neck.

Lohmann said that all gunshot wounds would have caused immediate death. She said the others could have been fatal unless they had received immediate medical attention.

When asked by special prosecutor Angela Canepa about the cause of death, Lohmann said: “Multiple gunshot wounds to the head and torso.”

Update, 10:50 a.m.: The coroner who performed the autopsy on the Roden family’s body detailed the injuries to Chris Roden Sr. that led to his death.

Dr. Karen Lohmann, of the Hamilton County Autopsy Office, said Roden sustained more serious injuries than the other seven. She said he was shot three times in the head, twice in the back and once in the forearm, out of a total of nine gunshot wounds.

Lohmann said the injuries to Rhoden’s forearm were so severe that she suspected a high-powered weapon had caused that injury, rather than the other wounds he sustained.

Lohmann said she suspects the victims were sedated, many of whom slept during the shooting. So she did the extra toxicology. Her other theory was a kind of suppression device that was used on firearms.

Three more bullets captured landed on Roden’s clothes while the coroner’s office was performing an autopsy.

Previous reports: The trial of George “Billy” Wagner continued Tuesday with testimony from the physician who performed the Roden family’s autopsy.

Dr. Karen Lowman serves as the deputy chief of forensic medicine at the Hamilton County Autopsy Office.

There is also the possibility that one or both of the grandmothers of Wagner’s sons will take the stand on Tuesday, however, the pace of the proceedings has been slow since the testimony began.

FOur Wagner was charged with the 2016 murders Of seven members of the Roden family and a woman betrothed to one of the victims. George Wagner’s mother and brother pleaded guilty last year. His father – who, like him, has given an admission of innocence – will then be tried.

Here’s a look at what the jurors saw on Monday:

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