TruckLabs runs half a billion miles with aerodynamic equipment

While fleets try to save fuel costscomplying with federal greenhouse gas emissions standards, and meeting increasing sustainability goals, they are looking at additional ways to reduce aerodynamic drag and carbon emissions on the vehicles available to them today.

One technology resource in space, TruckLabs, has driven half a billion miles with its TruckWings machine, saving about 32,648 metric tons of CO2 so far. TruckWings is a fully automated aerodynamic device designed for trucking fleets and is deployed to five of the largest fleets in North America – including Riderwhich ranks No. 3 on fleet owner 500: Best Rental Fleets in 2022 . List.

TruckWings is tractor mounted and designed to bridge the tractor-trailer gap in Class 8 trucks resulting in 3% to 6% fuel savings. TruckLabs said in a press release that the device also expands the range of electric trucks by 5.5%.

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“Five hundred million miles is a milestone for us. It demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering lasting, profitable double results on both carbon emissions and dollars. Our communications technology tracks every mile traveled during harsh Canadian winters and asphalt-melting Arizona summers,” said Daniel Burroughs. TruckLabs Founder and CEO, it is a huge credit to the team’s engineering work to achieve this milestone so quickly.” TruckWings helps fleets reduce fuel costs and emissions today and will improve the range of electric trucks in the future.

During an interview with fleet owner, Burroughs added that many fleets that operate CNG trucks equip their vehicles with truck wings due to range-expanding and power-boosting capabilities. He noted that aerodynamics is becoming more important as the industry adopts more alternative fuel technologies.

Burroughs was also quick to point out that his company’s 500 million-mile milestone is not based on estimates; Instead, it’s real-world IT data that comes from hardware.

“Everyone calls home and tells us what’s going on,” he explained. “For half a billion miles, we can tell you the trucks, the roads, the customers, and the performance of those units.”

TruckWings has become widespread across the truck industry and helps each unit on the road save about 20,000 pounds of carbon emissions annually, the company noted. Burroughs said TruckLabs is working with several manufacturers to become standard specifications for their trucks, so fleets won’t have to rely on aftermarket fixtures. fleet owner.

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“At highway speeds, two-thirds of the fuel is spent to overcome aerodynamic drag. In today’s environment, designing a truck more streamlined is the most cost-effective way to improve truck efficiency,” said TruckLabs Director of Product Andrew Kelly: “Improved aerodynamics is the most efficient way to meet strict new regulatory standards. They are looking to us to help them get there. This is especially true in the daily taxi market where the aerodynamics of tractors lags behind their sleeper counterparts.”

Today, many of the TruckLabs fleets that TruckWings works with buy due to its sustainability initiatives to achieve its strong internal goals regarding its carbon levels, as well as the climate goals of its customers.

“Companies within the industry are answering with what their customers are asking,” Burroughs explained. “Their customers demand electricity. It’s not possible today, in many ways, but it’s growing. So, what we’re saying is give them a more efficient truck as a stepping stone towards electricity. Invest in a car platform because eventually you’re going to trade it in. [internal combustion engine] With an electric motor. People demand it, and in the end, it is the consumer who asks for it.”

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