Top 6 Cloud Computing Roles to Work For

Cloud computing is an excellent alternative to traditional technology in many areas related to different aspects of information technology (IT). Its functionality varies based on how you provide web-linked solutions to store data. This article explores cloud computing, how it works, and the different roles you can start building a career in this field.

What is cloud computing?

cloud computing It is an application-based software infrastructure that stores data on remote servers. It is a computing system that allows you to rent IT services rather than owning, buying or monopolizing them. Today, many companies find it more efficient to access their data online or the cloud.

For most organizations, investing large amounts of money in databases, software, and hardware is not cost-effective, hence increasing reliance on cloud computing services. While Some cloud services are free or cheapOthers may be more expensive depending on usage and features. These services include databases, business intelligence, storage, servers, and software.

Building and maintaining cloud computing tools and services is complex, and there are many roles that IT professionals play in this sector. Here are some of the most famous ones:

1. Cloud engineer

Cloud architecture deals with the technical components that you need to create a cloud. Working as a cloud engineer allows you to build a cloud infrastructure from scratch, which is one of the most exciting things most cloud professionals can do.

The core components of a cloud architecture include a front-end platform that includes a client or device used to access the cloud and a back-end platform that includes servers and storage devices. Additionally, you will need to create a cloud-based delivery model that includes IaaS, PaaS, and a private or public network that hosts enterprise resources. glass door The median annual salary for a cloud engineer is estimated at $194,635.

2. Development Process Engineer

A development process engineer (DevOps engineer) is an IT professional who uses different tools, environments, and best practices to support software development and operations. Venturing into the field of DevOps engineering is a great way to break into the cloud computing sector, as your skills are valuable in creating and managing cloud infrastructure. You will often work with cloud engineers and cloud engineers to make this happen. glass door $99,574 is estimated to be the median annual salary for a development operations engineer.

3. Cloud Security Analyzer

The Cloud Security Analyst is one of the most important professionals in the cloud computing industry. The role includes securing servers and networks and protecting assets and other digital information from cyber attacks.

You should note that the Zero Trust Philosophy is the foundation that guides cloud security for any business. Anything can go wrong. Therefore, a cloud security analyst takes no chances and constantly monitors the cloud environment, conducts security risk assessments, and evaluates security services and technologies. according to glass doorThe median annual salary for a cloud security analyst is $91,719.

4. System engineer

A system engineer typically manages server backup, recovery, monitoring, and capacity planning. This role also includes developing system security standards and performing system upgrades. These processes are essential in cloud computing operations, and systems engineers are integral to maintaining the smooth running of cloud services. glass doors Salary statistics show that the median annual salary for a system engineer is $88,702.

5. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer builds, develops, and manages cloud services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Other responsibilities of professionals in this role include migrating computer systems to the cloud and building applications and databases that run on the cloud. glass door The median annual salary for a cloud engineer is estimated at $151,595. Check out our guide if you want to learn How to become a cloud engineer.

6. Backend Developer

Backend developers are software engineers who build the algorithms used to run websites. These professionals often work in the “cloud” section of the system and use the backend as a service (BaaS) for efficiency.

Using BaaS allows the backend developer to save organizations from investing large amounts of capital and time in on-site servers. These developers can easily create scalable websites and apps without worrying about the backend. according to glass doorThe average annual salary for a backend developer is $79,627.

Discover a career in cloud computing

Many companies today rely on cloud-based computing services for their business and data storage needs, increasing the demand for cloud computing specialists.

Thus, learning more about any of the roles described above is a smart decision if you are interested in building a career in cloud computing. You may also want to explore edge computing, another area of ​​computing that is becoming increasingly popular.

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