To ask a cowboy Dak Prescott to do the same things as a Cooper Rush backup

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will be back in the saddle on Sunday In the afternoon, he is set to make his first start since breaking his thumb in the opening night loss to the Tampa Bay Pirates six weeks ago.

And while Team America – perhaps to the surprise of many – went 4-1 during his absence, the Cowboys Hall of Famer believes Prescott will return in the wake of Sixth week loss to the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles It is perfect timing.

“I think it worked out perfectly,” Michael Irvine told USA TODAY Sports. “If Cooper Rush had defeated Philly, we would have had some (expectations) unrealistic.”

“Playmaker,” of course, is referring to a backup for Prescott, who had set his NFL record 5-0 before Sunday night’s 26-17 loss at Philly. Rush did so well during Prescott’s recovery that owner Jerry Jones comically hinted at the quarterback controversy. Even others, including Irvine’s former classmate Troy Aikman, seemed to be considering the idea seriously.

“Given what they’ve been able to do and how they’ve been able to win matches with Cooper Rush, I think this has become a real question that the organization has to answer,” Ekman said before Eagles setback.

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Irvin’s faith in Prescott, twice-bred Pro Bowler, has never wavered. But he agrees that Philadelphia has made the switch away from Rush much easier for everyone involved.

“It certainly helps make that transition,” he said. “Cooper Rush has done a great job and put in a very nice performance. … I am very happy for Cooper Rush, but I have always said that Duck is the best quarterback, and Duck has to be in the game.

“It would have been different if Cooper Rush had thrown 250 yards while they were winning. But some of those wins, he only threw 100 yards. I don’t remember hitting and getting any first defeats. He made. There are a lot of items that Duck will add it to this crime.”

This points to the main difference, as Rush is generally tied to the pocket while Prescott can do play on the go – especially in the red and in the third down zone. Dallas also put more emphasis on his running game with Rush in the lineup, averaging 29 loads for 128.4 yards. The Cowboys lunged 18 times for 71 yards against the Bucs. In coach Mike McCarthy’s first two seasons, Dallas averaged 23 appearances for 101 yards on a per game basis.

But Irvin was not convinced by suggestions that McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore should repeat their recent heavy-running approach with Prescott finally back in action.

“You have more choices, sometimes we have to take those choices,” Irvine said. “Dak Prescott? I want to be able to throw this ball. There are so many things that Duck can do and you want to combine it. So it’s a little crazy to me that you want to keep the same game plan that you had with Cooper Rush – that would fool gifts And the talents of Dak Prescott.

“There’s a reason we pay him $40 million a year and a reason we pay Cooper Rush whatever we pay Cooper Rush.”

Rush’s base salary of 2022 is a shade over $1 million. Over his five starts this season, he averaged 28.6 passing attempts, 191.2 yards and a TD. Last season, Prescott the only complete with McCarthy, he averaged 37.3 throws, 278.1 yards, and 2.3 TD assists. Dallas finished 12-5 while using that formula and won the NFC East.

“Not to use another $38 million, or whatever the difference is, is absolutely frustrating,” Irvine continued. “Stop asking the $40m to do the same things as the $1m quarterback.

“I’m going to ask him to do more, and that’s why I’m paying him.”

The Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has not played since opening night of the 2022 season.

The Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has not played since opening night of the 2022 season.

Irvine’s message, speaking while promoting TradeZing (a live-streaming social sharing platform designed for Millennial and Gen Z traders), mirrors the message that emerged from the Cowboys training facility during the week as Prescott fully resumed practice.

“Coop did a great job for us, but (Prescott) is kind of a lifesaver for us when attacking,” said All-Pro permanent guard Zach Martin.

Prescott will have a chance to stress that point on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, whose defense conceded the most yards and points on a per game basis this season, when they come to AT&T Stadium.

“He went out there and did everything I expected Cooper to do,” Prescott said Thursday.

“I understand that everyone has to raise their level and everyone will continue to raise their level. That is what he did and what the team did. Now I can come back and we can keep rolling.”


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