The sweetest moment of golf week? Girl who likes Colin Morikawa

Colin Morikawa and a young fan on Thursday at Congaree Golf Club.

Colin Morikawa was puzzled. In these places, only professionals serve, but here he was given himself. A little girl had handed him a white racket cover, inside of which was a note unknown to him at the moment.

The sweetest moment of golf week, as the title above reads. This is better than good, right? We can be a skeptical bunch – I’ve seen a sweeter, you might say – and a cruel one – Where’s the disaster story, you might say – but you can’t scoff at a little girl crush, and we could all use a smile from a professional character. So let’s continue.

Morikawa He finished his first tour in CJ Cup, who played at the Congaree golf club in South Carolina, was signing autographs when Zella came up. There are player nerves sweating over 12 pins in one of the masters, and there is this. thanks for the Video from the social media team on the PGA Tourwe saw the exchange.

“You are my favorite golfer, and I want you to keep this, from a gift from me to you,” Zilla says as she hands Morikawa the putter cover.

“Do you want me to keep this?” Morikawa asks. “Okay, now I have to get you something.”

“Whattt?” Zilla says.

“Wait,” says Morikawa.

Morikawa returns Sharpie to another child and tries to get out. Here, the video clip, Morikawa then took a picture with Zella.

“Oh, that’s cool,” says a woman. She was the photographer.

Morikawa then tries to put the racket cover back on.

“Are you sure?” He says. “I want you to keep this. Here, I will sign it.”

“No, I brought it for you,” says the woman.

John Ram, Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas and John Ram received a note from a girl. It may melt you.


Nick Piastovsky

“just for me?” Morikawa says.

“Yes,” Zilla says.

wait here.

“Can you sign it, though?” Morikawa says.

Three other children laugh as Zila writes her name. Stick with it, and the cursive font is perfect.

“I’m literally shivering,” she says. She slaps her hands with another girl. She says, “Let’s go.”

Morikawa returns with a golf glove.

“I will trade with you. Did you sign him? Ah, yes,” he said, before walking away, racket cover in hand.

Zella is then interviewed by the Tour social media team.

“I gave him a racket cover, and I gave him a note inside the racket cap,” she says.

“Yes, he has her Instagram account, but he doesn’t know it,” says the woman.

“And why is he your favorite golfer?” Someone asks social media for the tour.

wait here.

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Kevin Cunningham

“It’s kind of cute,” Zilla says.

Zilla and three other children laugh.

Then Zila begins to cry. She asks “why am I crying”.

Did his crush just toss her gift aside?

Will he see the note?


And yes.

On his Instagram story on Friday morning, Morikawa wrote:

“I found the note!!!”

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