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CUNY SPH Board Member Michael Meng has committed $150,000 to establish the Michael Meng Fellowship in Healthcare Business Innovation (the “Fellowship”), which will prepare CUNY students with transformative business skills and entrepreneurship at the intersection of the health business and public health sectors, two critical Communities Driving Health Forward in New York City.

CUNY SPH Board Member Michael Meng

The fellowship will enroll ten students in health policy and management in an intensive, four-semester extracurricular program to build their expertise and knowledge in health business. Fellows will learn directly from respected business executives and leaders, gain excellent access to professional development at the Professional Skills Academy and experience practical training in public health entrepreneurship at Firefly Innovations, a global ecosystem of public health entrepreneurs, experts and investors.

“The Michael Meng Fellowship is a bold initiative that advances our goal of advancing equity in public health care,” said Dr. Ayman Al Mohandes, Dean of CUNY SPH. “By preparing the next generation of public health professionals with essential business and entrepreneurship skills, the fellowship will advance innovation and access to public health in our great city.”

“As a member of the founding board of directors, I have seen for myself the tremendous potential of CUNY students to achieve excellence and deliver public health solutions with empathy and understanding,” said Meng. “That’s why I’m so excited to provide them with the tools for real action and confidence to change the future of public health for the better.”

Students will receive mentorship and career guidance, and learn directly from esteemed Health Business Executive Director Bunny Ellerin, Co-Founder and CEO of NYC Health Business Leaders, as a Visiting Professor. This ambitious program will receive guidance and support from Professor Terry Huang, the world-renowned expert in public health entrepreneurship who launched Firefly Innovations in 2019.

“One of the most important elements of this program is exposing our students to the kinds of possible career paths with MPH, making them believe that they can build a future in a field they have not thought of before,” said Professor Huang. . “With upcoming cohorts, this fellowship will also be an opportunity to attract and recruit top talent from across the country.”

Activate health business education

The fellowship will prepare students to apply their general health education in a health business environment and to increase their knowledge of health business and its relationship to public health. Topics that will go beyond traditional public health education and include practical opportunities for students to learn directly from business executives and leaders.

“When the school called me, I knew I wanted to be a part of this,” said Ms. Ellerin. “I do this because I strongly believe in using public health as a stepping stone to bring new people into the healthcare business. This program will expose students to real-life opportunities in ways they can use their training and education to bridge the business gap.”

Adam M Duino, CEO of CUNY SPH . Foundation. “With this fellowship generously funded and deeply envisioned by Michael Meng, their ambitions and influence can soar.”

About Michael Meng

Michael Minge is the CEO and co-founder of Stellar Health. Michael has invested in healthcare companies over the past decade and has years of experience working in the field. Prior to his work at Stellar Health, Michael was a Principal at Apax Partners, a highly capitalized global private equity firm where he invested $3 billion in capital. He has served on corporate boards including Vyaire Medical, Medicomp, One Call Care Management, and TriZetto. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the City of New York School of Public Health as a treasurer, a member of the Foundation’s Executive Committee, and as a member of the Global Language Project’s board of directors. He holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Wharton.


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