The NCAA’s handling of the Air Force football issue has broader implications

The NCAA announced Thursday that air forces The Academy has approved a wide range of Level 1 enlistment penalties for violations committed during the period of COVID-19 death. But the broader news is how the wrongdoing case was adjudicated, and what that means for others in the future.

The “split case” produced a negotiating resolution and penalties for the school and four coaches, while also allowing the case to proceed to the offenses committee hearing for a fifth coach who disputes some of the findings. This gives closure to most parties involved, rather than keeping everyone waiting for the contested part of the case over the coming months.

Ultimately, this is part of the feedback received last month from the NCAA’s Transformation Committee to speed up the association’s slow whistleblowing process.

Matt Mekorot, managing director of the NCAA Offenses Committee’s Bureau, says: Sports Illustrated That the use of a forked case structure is one of several modifications that “focus on the timing and effectiveness of the wrongdoing process, as well as holding actors accountable as close as possible to the time the behavior occurs.”

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