The internet is in awe of how Angela Lansbury saved her children from a Charles Manson cult

Angela Lansbury died on Tuesday at the 96th. As the news an actressDeath makes headlines, and she resurfaced online with an interview in which she explained how she saved her daughter from falling into Charles Manson’s cult. Fans of the actress were surprised when they heard the story.

Shh… I want to read how Angela Lansbury saved her daughter from Charles Manson. Now this is a mother.

In a 2014 interview, A She wrote the murder The actress recalled a difficult time in her life. Angela Lansbury explained how her daughter Deidre Shaw began mingling with and pregnant with Manson. Lansbury explained:

“She was one of many young people who knew him and were fascinated. He was an extraordinary and charismatic personality in many ways, there is no doubt about that.”

When her daughter Deidre merged with the cult, the actress’ son Anthony fell into drugs, too.

At the time, her husband Lansbury, Peter ShawTheir children resided in Malibu. The Gaslight The actress noted that the city’s factions “were meant for deadly pursuits.”

Lady Angela Lansbury was a unique talent. Her versatility knew no bounds and she showed true greatness in everything she had ever done. But above all she was incredibly kind and generous. Legend is a word too small to describe. RIP to the real Titian. You are very lovable.

‘My children will not be subjected to any more ill influence’: Angela Lansbury explains moving to Ireland

The actress explained that her children initially started taking cannabis and later switched to heroin. After understanding the seriousness of the situation, Lansbury and her husband decided to remove their family roots from the famous California city to Ireland. Lansbury explained:

“We picked up sticks and moved the family to a house I found in County Cork. I was drawn to Ireland because it was my mother’s hometown and it was also a place where my children would not be exposed to any more ill influences.”

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Five-time winner Tony has gone to take a break from her acting career and has dedicated her life to raising her teenage children. She also reportedly learned how to cook and garden. Speaking about their time in Ireland, Angela Lansbury explained:

“Certainly, I have no doubt that we would have lost one or both if they had not been taken to a completely different environment, the simplicity of life in Ireland. In the end we found a doctor who prescribed methadone, a heroin alternative, which helped with withdrawal symptoms as Anthony and Deidre were weaned off Hard drugs. We were very lucky, we spotted what was happening at the right time.”

Netizens moved by actress’ ‘motherly instincts’

netizens applaud Angela Lansbury The decision to move her family to another continent altogether. Many fans were shocked by the story because they were unaware of the details of Lansbury’s personal life.

Netizens were also in awe of Blue Hawaii The actress’s dedication to her children. Many admired her quick decision-making skills to get her children out of bad environments. Read a few tweets online:

Tweet embed This is some legendary motherhood. I bow.

Never forget that Angela Lansbury moved her teenage children from California to Ireland to save her daughter from Charles Manson’s cult and help her son off drugs at the risk of losing her career, they are still alive and well today because she put them first. rest in peace

Tweet embed Wow, this is interesting. Mama go with your gut. I do and it has been true every time.

Little did I know that Angela Lansbury moved her family from Los Angeles to Ireland to keep her daughter as far away from Manson’s cult as possible. I mean legend or what.