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  • 7 misconceptions about starting your own business

    opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. Starting a business It can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do. The process has its challenges, but it’s important not to let misconceptions about it stop you from trying. In this article, we will touch on seven common misconceptions about starting a […]

  • I built a startup that raised millions, and I shared 3 tips

    Launching a startup without any work experience can be daunting. But that didn’t stop Crisanti Indiana – who was only 24 when she co-founded Social Bella. “You have nothing to lose, that’s actually the benefit of starting young,” said Indiana, now 31. CNBC Make It. The Indonesian beauty and personal care retailer has raised nearly […]

  • Millennial’s beauty startup Social Bella has raised over $225 million

    When covid pandemic It was raging in 2020, most of the world was in lockdown and more turned into it Online shopping. But Crisanti Indiana has done the unexpected: It has expanded its e-commerce business — offline. Beauty and personal care E-Commerce start, socialShe had only two brick-and-mortar stores in Indonesia in 2019. By the […]

  • The Big Read: Defying the skeptics, S’pore built a thriving startup scene in the span of a decade. Could you take the next step?

    Did S’PORE’s Efforts Pay Off? Joongshik Wang, President of ASEAN at EY-Parthenon, the global strategic advisory arm of EY. However, experts interviewed by TODAY offered differing opinions on what they felt were the most important success criteria for a startup ecosystem, and how Singapore performed based on these factors. Ku Kay Mok, Senior Partner at […]

  • The CEO of Singapore-based healthcare startup Homage shares top tips for success

    After spending 15 years abroad, a Singaporean businessman Gillian T decided to come home in 2016 to be closer to her family. It was what she called a “perfect storm”. Three of her close relatives had chronic diseases T quickly discovered “pain points” in caring for individuals who needed specialized care. “Suppose you fell and […]

  • Venture capitalists create billions in a new world of work

    Venture capitalist Brian Kimmel says investing in projects requires a certain mindset. “The best vulnerabilities are very suspicious, and they’re always looking for what’s next or what we’ve missed. A big part of what we do is research,” Kimmel said. For Kimmel, who launched Worklife Ventures in late 2019 in Los Angeles and has since […]

  • Here are the top 15 startups to work for in Singapore

    days Easy money for startups they went Interest rates go up And the Economic uncertainty looms. But according to a new study from LinkedIn, these 15 startups have overcome these challenges in Singapore. especially, financial technologyeducation and telehealth Startups dominated the LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2022 list in Singapore. “Fintech startups feature prominently on the Singapore […]

  • Ryan Breslow is back from Bolt as CEO of a new startup called Love

    Controversial founder and CEO of push company Bolt is moving into the CEO seat of an early-stage wellness startup. sBolt CEO Jan Breslow announced Friday that he will take over as CEO and founder of a health startup called Love. In January 2022, Breslow, 28 years old, confused It fueled conspiracy theories across Silicon Valley […]