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  • Business Mentor: How To Keep Accelerating Your Business

    There are two types of entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur A is someone who never stops exploring non-innovative ways to grow their business constantly. Entrepreneur B is the person who tirelessly talks about many ideas but makes no effort to take the first step. Who do you think will thrive? Of course, Entrepreneur A is more likely to […]

  • Entrepreneur: Do you have the DNA to be an entrepreneur?

    A new idea, a great deal of effort, some luck and the right timing. The sum of it all can lead to entrepreneurial success. But who is the entrepreneur? What drives them? What characteristics best describe them? If you want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that is undoubtedly challenging; It is wise to look […]

  • Millennial’s beauty startup Social Bella has raised over $225 million

    When covid pandemic It was raging in 2020, most of the world was in lockdown and more turned into it Online shopping. But Crisanti Indiana has done the unexpected: It has expanded its e-commerce business — offline. Beauty and personal care E-Commerce start, socialShe had only two brick-and-mortar stores in Indonesia in 2019. By the […]

  • 4 relationships that helped millennials grow their business to 7 figures

    Running a successful business is hard — and building a successful business as a black woman is even harder. But, entrepreneurship hurdles can be eased by having the right people in your corner. Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, according to JP MorganHowever, they face disproportionate financial barriers. […]

  • The small business employee who often gets paid last and least

    Many small business owners have trouble determining an appropriate take-home wage as the company expands, and some don’t pay themselves at all. These errors can easily come back to affect the founder and the company. Understanding how to pay yourself appropriately — even if it’s a small amount that grows over time — is important […]

  • The Millennial Business Owner Says Any Entrepreneur Should Brag About This One Thing

    For young people, entrepreneurship is 9 to 5 new, with 60% From teens who say they want to start their own business instead of working in a traditional job. However, with the uncertainty that business owners have faced over the past two years, it may be worthwhile for Gen Zers to learn from professionals who […]

  • Ryan Breslow is back from Bolt as CEO of a new startup called Love

    Controversial founder and CEO of push company Bolt is moving into the CEO seat of an early-stage wellness startup. sBolt CEO Jan Breslow announced Friday that he will take over as CEO and founder of a health startup called Love. In January 2022, Breslow, 28 years old, confused It fueled conspiracy theories across Silicon Valley […]