Steve Lacy’s Bad Habit Tops Doja Cat’s ‘Vegas’ Top 100 – Billboard

Steve Lacey‘Bad Habit’ took its third week at number one all-time Billboard Hot 100 Song chart, two weeks later Climb to the top.

while, Morgan Wallen It achieved its first five spots on the Top 100 as “You Proof” rose from number seven to number five and doja cat Reach the top ten with “Vegas” (11-10). The latter auditioned for Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog” in 1953, which Elvis Presley famously covered in 1956, marking the most recent chart success of the popular song.

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“Bad Habit,” released on LM/RCA Records, recorded 42.3 million radio viewer impressions (up 4%), 20.1 million hits (down 2%) and 2,000 downloads sold (down 27%) in track 7 -13 October. week, according to Luminate.

The single, which was only produced and co-written by Lacy, took second place after five non-consecutive weeks above streaming songs Schedule; Keeps at No. 7 on high Radio songs; It drops to No. 43 from No. 32 best digital song sales.

The first Hot 100 Lacy No. 1, from his album Gemini rightsWhich for the first time As the first Billboard 200 in the top ten list, at the top of No. 7, in July, simultaneously topping the multimeter scale Hot rock and alternative songsAnd the hot rock songs And the hot alternative songs Week 8 charts for each and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs And the Hot R&B Songs The graphs of the seventh frame for each. had become The first song to rule all five categories (Dated October 2012, when paintingThe genre-based main song charts have adopted the Hot 100 methodology).

“Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras repeated at number two in the top 100, with 23.2 million streams (down 2%), 15.2 million in broadcast audiences (up 55%) and 12,000 sold (up 10%). It tops both streaming and digital song sales for the third week and is the first success to top both charts in the first three weeks on each chart since Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” doubled in the first three weeks in each poll (January 23, 30, and 6, 2021). , and spent his first four frames on top of Streaming Songs).

Harry Styles ‘As It Was’ Steady at No. 3 on Hot 100, After 15 Weeks at No. 1 – The Fourth longest reign on the chart date. However, the song, which debuted at number one on the list dated April 16, expands its record to the most number of weeks, 28, has been recorded in the top three, and includes its entire chart showing so far.

The track also bounced for its ninth week at number one on radio singles (60 million audiences, up 2%). It has topped the chart for 23 weeks (since its first week at the top of the chart, dated May 21), the second longest running span of a mainstream song, after The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”, which ran for 26 weeks over 28 weeks in 2020.

Post Malone’s song “I Like You (A Happier Song)” featuring Doja Cat took fourth place on the Hot 100, having reached number three.

Director Morgan Wallen’s “You Proof” rose 7-5 to hit a new high on the Hot 100, becoming the country star’s first five-star hit, among the top 10. Notably, the second-best five players made it to the region this decade by appearing on the singles-only broadcast charts. broadcasting country (as opposed to crossing over to pop-up surveys and/or adults); Luke Combs “Forever After All” Launched at No. 2 Hot 100 Climax in November 2020. Both tracks gained prominence thanks to strong broadcasts and country radio broadcasts, with “You Proof” attracting 13.7 million streams in its latest tracking week, ranking 8th in Streaming Songs, and topping the Country Airplay chart for a second frame. (Forever hit #1 on streaming and #1 for six weeks on Country Airplay.)

On Radio Songs, “You Proof” rose from 11 to 10 (34.6 million, up 2%), similarly becoming the third title to reach the top ten by appearing on Country Airplay but not on another singles genre chart (since Radio Songs full-form summary in December 1998). She joins Combs’ song “Forever After All,” which reached number ten on the radio in June 2021, and Cole Swindell’s song “She Had Me at Heads Carolina,” which hit the number 9 on Radio Songs earlier in October (and topped Country Airplay for four frames starting in September).

“You prove” multi-scale commands at the same time Hot Country Songs The graph for the ninth week.

OneRepublic’s “I’m Not Worried” maintained its sixth spot in the Top 100; The Sunroof for Nikki Yuer and Dazzy drops 5-7, after hitting the number 4; Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” is at number eight, having debuted to the top of the chart on August 27, topping the multi-chart chart. hot rap songs The graph for the ninth week. And Combs’ “The Kind of Love We Make” is steady at #9 on the Hot 100, having reached #8.

After finishing in the Top 10 in the Top 100, Doja Cat climbed 11-10 with the song “Vegas”. song from He hits Elvis The soundtrack, reaching the top five radio hits (6-5; 48.5 million, up 4%) also attracted 8 million streams and sold 2,000 in tracking week.

Doja Cat adds 6th place to her Top 100 No. 10 list. Before “Vegas” and “I Like You,” she blogs “Say So,” featuring Nicki Minaj (1st place, 1 week, May 2020); “Kiss Me More”, starring SZA (Issue 3, July 2021); “Need to Know” (No. 8, November 2021); and “Woman” (No. 7, in May). She boasts the top 10 women’s of the decade, five times surpassing Taylor Swift since the start of 2020 (although Swift looks set to reignite that race thanks to her LP. midnightAnd the due on friday).

“Vegas” samples The Hound of Big Mama Thornton a painting 1 R&B chart of the blues legend (who passed away in 1984) for nearly 70 years. Written by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Jerry Lieber and Mike StollerAnd the Elvis Presley version Multiple capped painting Charts in 1956. (The Hot 100 seem August 4, 1958.)

Hence, it has extended Presley’s footprint in the Top 100 Games list. Notably, “Hound Dog” was originally released with the B-side and fellow classic “Don’t Be Cruel”, which is also #1 in many painting Polls in 1956, and Cheap Trick’s faithful cover of the latter reached No. 4 on the Hot 100 in October 1988. Earlier in 1988, Pet Shop Boys also sent their interpretation of “Always on My Mind” to No. 4 (in May) , after Presley’s feature song version reached number 16 on Hot Country Songs in 1973. In July 1993, UB40 took up “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which Presley ranked number two on the Hot 100 in 1962, and debuted Seven – rule of the week.

The late Presley himself appeared on the Hot 100 as recently as January 2021, when his perpetual “Blue Christmas”, originally from 1957, hit #33, having become his Highest entry in the chart since 1981.

“Vegas” (a noteworthy hit in Tupelo, Ms.In addition, Doja Cat becomes the sixth No. 1 on POP Airplay Schedule. It replaces the chart-topping single “I Like You”, making her the first artist to abdicate at the top since Ariana Grande’s “34 + 35” who followed her “situations” straight to the top in February 2021.

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