Sort the competitors and contestants in the NFL: Eagles and Cowboys shot in the Super Bowl; Packs lacking in punch

We just over 20 percent during the 2022 NFL regular season, can you believe it? Digesting four weeks of football, we learned a lot: Cooper Rush looked like a quarterback, Mitch Trubesky didn’t. New York Giants It is a play-off lock. Probably not, but the Giants’ 3-1 start was pretty impressive!

The Giants aren’t the only team that got off to a hot start to the season, and after four weeks, we’re comfortable enough to try to separate the contenders from the contestants. There are eight teams with a 3-1 or better record entering Week 5. Which of them has enough money to go all the way? lets take alook.


Fly eagles fly. Nick Sirianni is the only team left unbeaten in the NFL for the first time since 2004. That year, the Eagles started 7-0 and reached the Super Bowl. Philly has been quite impressive, as he is the seventh team in the Super Bowl era to start 4-0 while racking up 400 total yards of attack per game. Four of the previous six teams made it to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles have the No. 2 offense in the league, averaging 435.5 yards per game. Don’t be surprised if they finish the No. 1 regular season. Jalen Hurts is a dynamic double-threat quarterback and plays his best football, Miles Sanders is on the way to a career year, averaging 89 yards flowing and about one rushing touchdown per game, AJ’s trade has succeeded Brown, having 25 passes for 404 yards. He ranks third in the NFL in receiving yards through four games. Offensive was the obvious headline when it came to the Eagles, but I think we should keep an eye on that defense.

The Eagles are the first team since 2019 New England Patriots So as not to be late in the second half through four games. Philly has a defense number 3 in terms of yards allowed per game (277.3), and this unit has several studs. The additions of Haason Reddick and James Bradberry paid immediate dividends, and then linebacker TJ Edwards deserves credit for his leap as well. For me, it is this Eagles defense that can act as the backbone of this team as they advance through the regular season. The Eagles are legitimate competitors, and it helps that NFC doesn’t seem too powerful right now.

The Bills were the favorites to win the Super Bowl before the start of the season, and they definitely looked the part in four weeks. The Buffalo has the #1 overall defense, allowing an average of just 14.5 points per game – which ranks second in the NFL behind San Francisco 49ers. The bills also contain the No. 3 general offense, the No. 2 NFL offense behind Los Angeles Chargers.

Since the start of last season (including the playoffs), the bills have been 1-7 in 1 point matches. They showed last week that they can pull off tough wins in harsh environments, however, with Jordan Boyer picking Lamar Jackson in the end zone late in the fourth quarter, leading to a game-winner against Baltimore Ravens.

This seems to be a good time to buy stock in the bills, as they will soon be sending many players back to high school. #1 corner player Tre’Davious White is on his way back from injury, Dane Jackson is expected to make a full recovery from the dreaded neck injury he suffered in Week 2 and rookie Christian Benford will return at some point as well after undergoing hand surgery.

I’m sure everyone will agree, projects are competing.

The revamped AFC West doesn’t look as talented as we thought, and that’s to the benefit of the Chiefs. The Las Vegas Raiders Had a hard time finding his first win, which is Denver Broncos It was a huge disappointment and the chargers started to break down due to injuries. That could put Kansas City to win the division for the seventh consecutive season. Quarterback star Patrick Mahomes is 22-3 in his career in division matches. This is the best record for any quarterback since 2000 (at least 10 games).

The Chiefs have a top-five offensive, #1 rushing defense in the league and a broad receiving corps that has yet to reach its potential. Keep an eye on rookie Skyy Moore in the wide receiver and Isiah Pacheco in the running back. Both could play bigger roles as the Chiefs continue to run through the regular season.

The Chiefs have been rivals since Mahomes took over the primary position, and even with Tyreek Hill’s loss, that hasn’t changed in 2022.

I was fascinated by this Dolphins team before the start of the season, and I’m even more fascinated now. While Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion disorders dominate the headlines in Miami, we can’t ignore how impressive this team has been in four weeks. The Dolphins are ranked 10th in overall attack, and Tagovailoa tops the 3rd attack in the league. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are a dynamic duo, with Hill leading the NFL in receiving yards with 477, and Waddle ranking sixth with 381 yards. They combined for five total landings for the reception.

New coach Mike McDaniel brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise, although I expected the running game to be better. McDaniel is one of the best running planners in the world, but Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds haven’t had much success so far. Perhaps this is something that will improve with the passing of the year.

Defensively, the dolphins weren’t great. Free agent Melvin Ingram’s signature has appeared on some spots, the versatile Jevon Holland is fun to watch, and Jaelan Phillips flashes occasionally. If this unit can find more consistency – especially when it comes to lane defense – dolphins have a very high ceiling.

The AFC East throne may be reserved for the Bills, but the Dolphins are a team keeping an eye on the amount of guns around Tagovailoa, and with the legitimate nominee for Coach of the Year.

I was really torn over this one. The Cowboys have a disappointing reputation for just playing meaningful football, but is it possible that the top two NFC teams reside in the East? It’s hard to believe compared to where we were a couple of years ago, but that may be the truth.

Shout out to Cooper Rush, the fifth quarterback in the last 15 seasons to start his career 4-0 or better. I’m not saying there’s been controversy over the Dallas quarterback, but he has the Cowboys offense looking a lot better than it did under Dak Prescott during those first few quarters of the season against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is Team America and they are a magnet for passive outside noise. Talking heads will go off as soon as Prescott throws that first objection when he returns.

For the first few weeks, the Cowboys’ defense stood out for me. The Cowboys only allowed 15.5 points per game, which ranks third in the NFL, and has the second-highest pressing average this season. DeMarcus Lawrence and defensive line were in control, Micah Parsons looks like Defensive Player of the Year, while Donovan Wilson is a rising star.

Good teams win and great teams cover. The Cowboys have done both, winning five games in a row on the road, and covering the spread in each one. They’re a 16-5 best in the NFL against spread over the past two seasons – and if you’re not a gambler, it basically means Dallas has exceeded expectations. I don’t think the Cowboys are destined to lift the Lombardy Trophy this year, but in poor NFC technology, they will have a chance to do the run.


I think Kevin O’Connell was a great employee and Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the NFL. However, the Vikings are not yet ready for competition. While Dalvin Cook will once again have to fight through a lingering shoulder injury this season, suffering in defense is why I’m not high in Minnesota.

The Vikings are ranked 25th in defense EPA (-2.9), ranked 27th in yards allowed per game (394.5) and ranked 26th in yards allowed per game (6.0). This team was simply outperformed by the Eagles in the second week, let Detroit Lions They jumped to their 14-0 lead before pulling a fourth-quarter comeback in Week 3 and then letting Andy Dalton and New Orleans Saints The team that didn’t have Alvin Kamara or Michael Thomas to stay in London. The Vikings are a strong team, but I don’t see them as a competitor.

The Packers have won 13 games in each of the past three seasons, but have been 2-3 in the playoffs during that time. They have been defeated in the NFC Championship match twice in the past three seasons, and last year, they were upset by 49 players as the number one seed in the NFC. This season, the Packers offense has lost a big chunk of Davante Adams wide, which still gives me pause when it comes to evaluating their cap in 2022.

The Packers have the No. 6 offense in the NFL entering Week 5, although that’s in large part due to Aaron Jones (408 scrimmage yards) and AJ Dillon (280 scrimmage yards). Green Bay already has the 16th passing offense in the NFL, averaging 232.5 yards per game. The Packers have averaged just 18.8 points per game this season, the lowest points they have averaged over four competitions since 2006! She is ranked No. 21 in the NFL.

I will say that I really like this Packers defense, and they will be the reason why Green Bay repeats as the NFC North champions. At receiver, Allen Lazard is serviceable and I’m excited about what Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs can do, but Aaron Rodgers is missing the obvious No. 1 he can count on so much when it comes to organizing a game-winning campaign. The Packers are going to make the playoffs, but how much of a threat do they really pose to winning the Super Bowl? If they sign Odell Beckham Jr. I will turn them from competitors to competitors.

New York Giants

You should credit the Giants with their great start in 2022. I think it’s one of the headlines of the NFL season so far. New York 3-1 through four games for the first time since 2011, when it won the Super Bowl. Brian Daboll is the first Giants head coach to start 3-1 or better since Tom Coughlin did so in 2004. Barkley will be the main reason for the Giants’ early season success, leading the NFL in the 463-yard dash. Plus, the Giants lead everyone in the 770-yard dash.

There are still questions about midfielder Daniel Jones, the offensive line and of course the wide receiving corps. Unfortunately for the Giants, they are the third best team in their division, which means they fall into the “pretend” category here. Still, hiring Daboll looks great, and this franchise is on the right track.

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