Samsung September 2022 update rolls out on Galaxy devices

Samsung has earned a reputation as one of the best Android device makers in terms of releasing updates in a timely manner. The latest September 2022 Android security update has started rolling out to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Samsung September 2022 Security Update – What’s New

Contrary to the usual pattern of releasing updates before the start of the new month, Samsung didn’t start rolling out the September 2022 security patch on Galaxy devices until the day after Google updated its Pixel phones. As always, Samsung has released its own separate Security Update Bulletinwhich outlines the fixes and improvements included in this month’s patch.

In addition to the 24 security issues listed in Google’s Android Security Bulletin, Samsung has patched at least 21 exploits that were exclusive to Galaxy devices. One of the vulnerabilities, marked as “high”, abused the Samsung Knox feature to “cause a permanent local denial of service”.

Other than typical security improvements, the September 2022 update does not appear to include any changes to functionality for Most devices that have been released on it so far. However, for a few devices like the entire lineup of Galaxy Z foldables, Samsung has included a One UI 4.1.1 Update with September patch, bringing big screen improvements to Android 12L.

Devices with the Samsung September 2022 security update

Recently, Samsung has a file relaxed The tendency to roll out updates for its phones from newer to older, with slightly more priority given to high-end devices such as Galaxy S and Galaxy Z foldables. Over the coming weeks, the September update will definitely arrive for more devices in the broader Galaxy lineup.

This list will include a note on where the update first appeared and if it’s also available in the US. As usual, the latest additions will be highlighted in bold.

Galaxy S series

Between their premium pricing and mainstream popularity, the Galaxy S series of phones are often among the first to get security updates every month. This focus has also improved since Samsung previously brought exclusive features to the Galaxy S line in recent years.

Samsung kicked off the month by releasing the new patch for last year’s flagship phones, the Galaxy S21 series, starting with September 7. It was Galaxy S20 FE 5G Right behind you, right behind him, pick up the update the same day in most parts of Europe. The LTE version of the S20 FE got the same patch In a few days.

There has been quite a bit of interest back and forth for Galaxy S22 series owners this month. Samsung initially released the latest update in Europe on September 8Before pause On Galaxy S22 and S22+ the next day. Finally, Samsung globally released a different version of the update for Galaxy S22 series owners September 13about a week later.

The next batch of Galaxy S phones to be patched included the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S21 FE, in the works September 13While the Exynos model for the last phone was after a day. Galaxy S20 and S20 5G picked up their updates September 15. Back in another generation, the Galaxy S10 and S10e series are completely patched September 20.

  • Galaxy S22 / S22 + / S22 Ultra – S90xEXXS2AVHD (Global Released)
    • US: Available on locked and unlocked devices
  • Galaxy S21 / S21 + / S21 Ultra – G99xBXXS5CVHI (First introduced in Germany)
    • United States: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy S21 FE – G990BXXU2CVH7 (First introduced in Europe)
    • United States: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G – G781BXXU4FVI1 (First introduced in Europe)
  • Galaxy S20 FE LTE – G780GXXU3CVI1 (first introduced in Asia)
  • Galaxy S20 5G – G986BXXSFFVHA (First introduced in Europe)
  • Galaxy S20 LTE – G985FXXSFFVHA (First introduced in Europe)
  • Galaxy S10 Lite – G770FXXU6GVH6 (First introduced in Spain)
  • Galaxy S10 / S10 + / S10e – G97xFXXSGHVI1 (First introduced in Europe)

Galaxy Z series foldable

Recently, Samsung has been leading the charge of Android foldable devices, turning them from a futuristic concept into an affordable reality. Due to the company’s focus on foldable devices and the initial retail cost of those phones, the Galaxy Z Flips and Z Folds are often given the same level of consistent updates as the Galaxy S phones.

However, that didn’t really prove for September, as this month’s update didn’t hit any of the Galaxy Z phones until around the middle of the month. Fortunately, this happened for good reason, as most of the foldables updated this month also received a bump in One UI 4.1.1, which is based on Android 12L and includes Google optimizations for large-screen devices.

starting from September 13Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 owners have started receiving the latest patch from Verizon. It is worth noting that the Verizon version of this update came preloaded with Two new bloatware appsand “Bingo Blitz” and “Blocks”. The Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G were later patched around the same time September 14. on me September 15Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners have received a security patch and One UI update.

Due to lagging behind the rest of the foldable devices, the recently released Galaxy Z Fold 4 didn’t even get its first security update. September 30.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 – F936BXXU1AVIH (First introduced in India)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 – F926USQS2DVHE (First introduced in the US)
    • US: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 – F711USQS3DVHD (First introduced in the US)
    • US: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 – F916BXXU2HVHA (First introduced in Germany)
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G – F707BXXU7HVH9 (First introduced in Europe)
  • Galaxy Z Flip – F700FXXUAHVH9 (First introduced in Italy)
    • US: Available on unlocked devices

Galaxy Note series

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note line is actually discontinued as of 2021, with the Note 20 generation being the final release of the series. However, many of these devices are still actively supported by Samsung, and receive consistent updates. It is worth noting that this month marks the end of the updates for Galaxy Note 9.

Not surprisingly, the first Galaxy Note to be updated for September was the latest, the Galaxy Note 20, that got the patch September 7. The more expensive Galaxy Note 10 Lite was next in line, getting updated September 15.

  • Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra – N98xFXXS5FVH7 (First introduced in Europe)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite – N770FXXS8GVH3 (First introduced in France)

Galaxy Tab series tablets

Samsung dex galaxy tab s6

Considering that we don’t rely on our tablets as much as we rely on our smartphones, Samsung generally only updates the Galaxy Tab series on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Several Samsung tablets have updated to the August patch in the past few weeks, bringing One UI 4.1.1, so we likely won’t see many Galaxy Tab series updates this month.

However, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite got a slightly different update than its more premium counterpart, complete with One UI 4.1.1 and the latest security patch, in September 16.

Galaxy A / M / F . series

Samsung Galaxy A52 on update screen

In addition to the high-end offerings, Samsung also has a wealth of affordable Android phones. Between the mid-range Galaxy A series and the lower-end options in the Galaxy M and Galaxy F series, Samsung offers surprisingly regular updates even for its less expensive phones.

to that point, in the same day That the Galaxy S21 has been updated, Samsung has released an update for the Galaxy A52s 5G. Next was the Galaxy A53 5G that picked up the update September 13Follow the next day By Galaxy A33 and A52. Meanwhile, the 5G variant of the latest phone has been updated September 15.

Moreover, the first M-series phone from Samsung to be updated this month was the Galaxy M12 September 20. Just before the month ended, Samsung released patches for Galaxy A12 Nacho And the Galaxy A71and both are only scheduled to receive quarterly updates.

  • Galaxy A71 – A715FZHU8CVI4 (first introduced in Hong Kong)
  • Galaxy A53 5G – A536USQU3AVH1 (First introduced in the US)
    • US: Available on locked and unlocked devices
  • Galaxy A52s 5G – A528BZTU1CVH6 (First introduced in Taiwan)
  • Galaxy A52 5G – A526BXXS1CVH7 (First introduced in South America)
  • Galaxy A52 – A525FXXS4BVI2 (First introduced in Russia)
  • Galaxy A33 5G – A336EDXU4AVH9 (First introduced in Indonesia)
  • Galaxy A12 Nacho – A127FXXU7BVI4 (first introduced in Russia)
  • Galaxy M12 – M127FXXS3BVI1 (first introduced in South America)

How to check for the latest OTA on your Galaxy device

If your device has already been updated, but the patch did not reach you in person, you can try to update manually. Simply open the Settings app, tap Software Update, and choose Download and Install.

This article was first published on September 7 and was most recently updated on September 30.

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