Saints vs. points. Cardinals, fast food: Arizona picks New Orleans to finish off a losing streak

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the New Orleans Saints 42-34 in a “Thursday Night Football” game that actually had some humiliation, which is a nice change of pace this season. The Cardinals moved to 3-4 and halted an eight-game losing streak, while the Saints dropped to 2-5.

The game was up for most of the first half, with a tie game less than three minutes before in the second quarter. The scale then leaned heavily toward the Cardinals, who scored three touchdown points in that time.

The visiting defense shook quarterback Andy Dalton and his attack rebounded, with the quarterback intercepting an attacking touchdown from Arizona.

Going into the inning with 22 unanswered points was a 28-14 lead over a solid start to build on in the second half.

The Saints came out of the half and scored a field goal and the result was decisive there for sure, but they needed to put together seven points to three in order to catch up.

To make matters worse for the Saints, the Cardinals scored another touchdown in the third quarter, going up 35-17 with a 5-yard touchdown pass from Cardinals quarterback Keeler Murray to Greg Dorch.

The Saints made it a match in the fourth with a 17-yard touchdown from Juwan Johnson.

It was a touchdown party tonight, and the Cardinals put another halfway through the fourth quarter thanks to a five-yard dash from Eno Benjamin.

If you thought this was where the drop ended, think again. This high-score game saw another Saints game play, making it 42-31 thanks to a pass from Dalton to Joan Johnson.

Saints’ field goal less than a minute from the end made the game eight points and was followed by a failed kick attempt to the side that sealed Arizona’s victory.

Why did the Cardinals win?

Simply put, they were the better team. They were more complete on all sides of the ball and picked up the opposing team’s weaknesses and capitalized on them.

The Cardinals’ offense had a new spark with DeAndre Hopkins returning from suspension. Hopkins finished the night with 10 receptions for 103 yards.

The defense deserves a lot of credit for the win, as Andy Dalton intercepted three times. All players participated, with Antonio Hamilton, Isaiah Simmons and Marco Williams all making objections.

Why did the saints lose?

Two return intercepts wouldn’t set you up for a win and the offense couldn’t recover from the Cardinals’ explosive end in the second quarter, where they scored three touchdown points.

Insulting the saints lacked consistency, and while things weren’t all bad, they needed to establish a steady rhythm and couldn’t do it.

With James Winston out, Andy Dalton took over and when he was good he was good, throwing 4 touchdowns and 361 yards, but when he was bad he was handing the other team.

turning point

The first pick six from the first half really made a statement, while also shifting momentum toward the cardinals. A 38-yard interception by Marco Wilson gave the Cardinals their first lead of the game, a lead they hold for the rest of the game.

play the game

Since I already mentioned choosing one six as a tipping point, it seems only fair to give the second choice some attention as well.

With less than a minute left to the end of the first half, Isaiah Simmons intercepted Andy Dalton, scoring the third-choice center-back in the half. Simmons ran it home for 56 yards, expanding the lead to make it 28-14.

What’s Next

The Saints will host the Las Vegas Raiders, who are currently at 1-4 and are knocked out by the Kansas City Chiefs, on October 30.

The Cardinals will head to Minnesota to face the Vikings in Week 8. The Vikings have quietly got off to a great start to their season and are top of their league as the weekend approaches.

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