Ron Diantes News – Latest: Revealed Funding for Migrant Trips

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A group of 48 mostly Venezuelan immigrants who were taken by the state of Florida on a surprise trip to Martha’s Vineyard last week have sued Governor Ron DeSantis for the “fraudulent and discriminatory scheme.”

The class action comes as at least two law enforcement agencies are also investigating the actions of Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for possible illegality.

A new report reveals funding for DeSantis’ immigrant trips. The contractor hired by the governor is a longtime GOP benefactor.

Meanwhile, a plane full of asylum seekers heading from Texas to Delaware has reportedly not materialized yet, even as officials there worry they will be the latest to be surprised by Florida’s highly controversial scheme to transfer immigrants without warning to liberal jurisdictions.

Governor DeSantis and his aides have defended sending immigrants to Democratic-led states and cities in protest of what they called the president’s “open borders” policy.


An immigrant says he got paid to recruit immigrants for controversial Martha’s Vineyard trips in Florida

A 27-year-old Venezuelan immigrant said he was paid $200 to lure fellow asylum seekers onto planes or buses bound for Democratic-controlled areas that Florida’s governor had chartered.

And he was directed to do so with promises of help that weren’t fulfilled or were real at first, he says now.

If true, it would prove that Florida officials used deceptive practices to lure immigrants thousands of miles across the United States for purely political reasons.


DeSantis leads Trump in Florida in purple and red amid immigration controversy

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now leading Donald Trump in a virtual head-to-head match among Florida voters, according to a new poll by Axios.

The development comes as DeSantis has become a hero on the far right for his efforts to use state funding to move immigrants from Texas to Democratic-controlled areas, even as he admits that large groups of immigrants entering his state still do not exist.

Performance in the poll is also notable, because Donald Trump won the Florida primary against Senator Marco Rubio, during the 2016 primary in one of his recent moves to weed out his rivals in the Republican Party’s presidential contest.


Donald Trump is angry that Martha’s Vineyard stunt was his ‘idea’

Rolling Stone reports that Donald Trump is particularly angry with fellow Republican Ron DeSantis over the governor’s decision to allow flights carrying about 50 immigrants last week from the southern border to Martha’s Vineyard.

The magazine reported that two internal sources close to the twice impeached president heard him vent about the Republican governor’s diversion of the limelight from Trump, accusing him of using immigrant flights to bolster his national profile ahead of a possible White House bid. .

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Over $1M in Florida Funding Goes to GOP Donor Amid Controversy Over Immigrants

A contractor owned by a Republican donor is seeing huge gains thanks to Ron DeSantis’ efforts to move immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, and to other Democratic strongholds.

New analyzes of state records indicate that more than $1 million has been provided to fund the airline’s flights as it conducts Mr. DeSantis’ efforts to embarrass the Biden White House.

Read more from Alex Woodward in Independent:


Abbott and Diantes promise more immigrant trips

The Republican governors of Florida and Texas have shown no signs of relieving themselves in their campaign to embarrass the Biden administration by organizing flights for immigrants to Liberal-controlled cities. The plan was heavily criticized for its alleged deceptive practices and the general legality of the operation.

“There will be buses as well, and there will likely be more flights,” Mr. DeSantis said on Friday. The legislature gave me $12 million. We’re going to spend every penny of that to make sure we protect the people of Florida.”

Mr. Abbott, whose “Lone Star Operation” has moved more than 10,000 immigrants to liberal cities across the country, also promised more of the same.

“Texas will continue to send immigrants to safe haven cities like Washington, D.C. until President Biden and Czar Harris do their job of securing the border,” he said last week in a statement.

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GOP hard-line tactics on immigrants refocus mid-term debate

Ron DeSantis and other Republicans are working overtime to refocus the midterm elections on the issue of immigration as their party faces the unfavorable prospect of a voter turnout amid an unprecedented criminal investigation into Donald Trump as well as the Republican Party’s new campaign to restrict abortion rights nationwide.

“It’s going to be a big issue in the election, I can tell you,” Mr DeSantis vowed on Tuesday. “It has already made more of an impact than anyone thought it could. But we will continue to make an even greater impact.”

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White House prepares for DeSantis flights for immigrants to Delaware as state agencies ready to respond

The White House says it is coordinating with state agencies to prepare for the arrival of immigrant groups organized by the governors of Florida and Texas after those Republicans refused to engage with local governments or relief groups at all.

“We are coordinating closely with state officials and local service providers who are willing to welcome these families in an orderly manner while they process their asylum applications,” White House Press Secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre told reporters.

Read more about management efforts from Alex Woodward:


Jared Kushner: DeSantis uses immigrants as ‘political pawns’

Ron DeSantis’ use of government funding to move immigrants thousands of miles from Texas all the way to Massachusetts seems exaggerated even for Jared Kushner, a top adviser to former President Donald Trump (and son-in-law).

He joined the ranks of those who described the governor’s efforts as inhumane in an interview with Fox News.

“I personally watch what’s going on, and it’s very hard to see at the southern border, and I — we have to remember that these are human beings, they are human beings, so seeing them used as political pawns somehow is very upsetting to me,” he said.


Texas congressman riles DeSantis and Abbott

Representative Joaquin Castro strongly condemned the governors of Texas and Florida this week for what he called a hypocritical attitude toward left-leaning governments in Central and South America and the immigrants who have fled them in recent years.

The congressman argued: “DeSantis, Abbott and others are constantly attacking places like Cuba and Venezuela because leaders are so oppressive and make countries dangerous for people, yet when people try to flee, they treat them like shit.”


Jon Stewart attacks DeSantis on ‘d***ish’ immigrant flights

Former Comedy Central star Jon Stewart has spoken out about Ron DeSantis about the latter’s scheme to move immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, using funding intended to help people in Florida.

“This stunt did exactly what he wanted it to do, and which jumped out of his profile, made him a hero among those, for whom d***ishness is one of those only characteristics they look for in their leaders,” the liberal comedian said.

Read more about his notes from Greg Graziosi:

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