Rangers talk about nothing but change as the struggles continue

After four consecutive defeats (0-2-2) in which the Rangers have scored five goals and only one in the power game (with five goals to three, no less), your first instinct might be to turn things around. In order to change things.

To do something for good – to do anything! To stop the club’s longest losing streak since Gerard Gallant went off the bench at the start of last season.

But that’s not how a 3-3-2 team is handling things at the moment. On the contrary, according to very important people, Mika Zibanijad and Artemi Banarin, who advised that this is not a time for panic, not a time to overthink, but an opportunity to stay on track.

“We can do things a little bit better, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like we’re doing the right thing for a good chunk of the time and not getting the end result we want,” Zibanijad told The Post. Defeat the Blueshirts 3-0 to the Islanders at UBS. “I think we should be careful to understand that just because the pucks won’t get into that, we shouldn’t give up on what we’re doing and look for a different play, or the next play.

“For me the scary thing is overreacting and not committing to the process. You have to balance things. Of course it is not acceptable to lose and we are not OK with it, but the focus has to be on doing the right things and not the result. It’s not like last year when we had 19 shots or something like that “.

Rangers sent 41 shots over Ilya Sorokin after pumping 44 shots into Alex Georgiev of Colorado the night before at the park. The Blues scored two goals because of their problems. They scored no goal in strong play, 0-for-3 in this after going 0-for-4 in the penalty shootout defeat on Tuesday. They are 1 for 15 over the last four games.

Mika Zibanijad and Rangers lost 3-0 to Islanders on Wednesday.
Corey Sibkin

The man feature unit includes a lot of team identity. They are charged to the first unit in personnel and ice time. Everyone knows that. So the question The Post posed to Panarin is whether the frustration with a power-play glitch seeped into a five-on-five game.

“I thought we played really well in the last two games. Sharks and the CBJ, we were terrible but I can’t say I see frustration with the five-on-five power game,” said Panarin. “I don’t feel that way. if it was [power play] Doesn’t score, I’m still working hard at five over five. And that’s not just me.

“Pucks won’t go in, but if we stick to it and trust in ourselves and each other, 100 percent the hockey gods will reward us.”

The Rangers got chances against Sorokin. Julien Gautier, summoned by Wolfpack to replace sick Vitaly Kravtsov, He did what he did by taking him to the net from a right-wing force at first, since we’re talking about Gautier, we didn’t get in. Where are the hockey gods when Number 12 needs them?

Kabu Kaku outstripped the opponent and looked like he was beaten by Sorokin, but the goalkeeper managed to deny the Finn in a goalless first half that the Blues had better played. But even with 41 shots, Rangers could not create enough second and third chances. They couldn’t create a consistent floor game.

Rangers watch on the bench during the 3-0 loss to Islanders on Wednesday.
Corey Sibkin

Of course, with Philippe Schietel suffering a suspected brain injury, the depth of the club’s scoring took a major blow. The fourth streak struggles to gain any kind of oomph. Hence, Galant accumulates minutes on top players. On Tuesday, Zebaninejad had a 25:43 icy time, the fifth high of his career. Panarin was out for 24:33 against an avalanche.

Things looked easy for Rangers’ strength in going 5-15 in their first four matches. they were not. The ease is not in the hockey vocabulary.

“Things look easy, there is a lot of work,” said Zibaninejad, who had four shots in five attempts in 20:20 off the ice. “Again, when we do the right things and don’t get into the disc, we need to stick to our plan. We shouldn’t be stubborn, but we should be able to perceive what we’re doing well.

The same conversation occurs every year under these circumstances. The most important thing for us is not to hesitate to guess ourselves and not to lose faith in ourselves and our teammates.

“If we keep doing the right thing, the results will follow.”

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