Professional driver messed up. The epic response features a curse

Thomas Bjorn hits the ball on Thursday at the 14th hole at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

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Although that’s not enough to warn, and if you do it anyway, which someone apparently did, let them tell you the punishment.

Bjorn, one of the most talented players of his generation on the European Tour, a successful Ryder Cup captain, and also a creative, seemingly, though diabolical. With that in mind, we turn to Twitter, where Bjorn went when he found that the settings on his driver had been tampered with ahead of the first round of the Spanish Open on Thursday.

he is Wrote this curse of 15 words.

“To the guy who changed the settings on my drivers overnight in the bag shop…

“I wish you would wake up every morning for the rest of your life with bleeding hemorrhoids.”

okay then.

Fortunately for Bjorn, he said he got the adjustment at the range, even though he shot four on 75, and 12 shots were out of the lead. The revelation was one of several announcements in an unofficial Q&A on Twitter after his original tweet.

Did I notice anything in the range? wrote dlnoch.

Bjorn replied, “Of course I did…”. Then he wrote, “You never associate this with my playground today.”

Books @ AlanCantrell29: “Sorry to hear that. Maybe that’s why Nelson Hogan Palmer Trevino Floyd kept their clubs with them the whole time…”

“Certainly a good idea,” Bjorn replied.

@spoa22mo . wrote: “All the old timers that were used to shooting in the low 60s with persimmon drivers sure hope you don’t blame a bad tour on ‘driver settings’…”

“I didn’t blame my bad tour for that…” replied Bjorn.

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Kevin Cunningham

Books by DeepCaper: “Go and treat it like a guy with the club and don’t take off like a whiny kid into the Twitterverse. This is not how people from Denmark usually solve their problems. Very poor representation on your part” – to which Bjorn responded with four laughing emojis, to which DeepCaper responded with three emojis Laughing, to which Bjorn responded with two laughing emojis.

Books by JensVagland: “But of course I’ve seen it in the range and nobody leaves the house without driver settings”

“So that makes it okay?” Bjorn replied.

@AlasdairReed3 . wrote: “Sergio Garcia is the right bastard.”

“What a strange response..” Bjorn replied.

We’ll end the responses with this:

@The Lucky Swine wrote: “It is impossible to think of such a terrible curse without experiencing it. Prayer arrives…”

Bjorn replied with a laughing emoji.

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