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I remember the excitement I felt when I found out on fire during the late nineties. albums like ORACLE And the Colony They were heavy, but they had virginIt resembled harmonies and was so overwhelmed with wonderful melodies that it kept me coming back for more. The contrast between Mack truck cranes and attractive hooks hit one nerve. Since then, hundreds of melodies have thrown their spears into the ring, but not many of them have been able to reach the same mark. praise the sun Brings back a little of that old excitement. These Poles are making their official debut with light show, a LP that recycles five songs from its 2020 music release and expands its sound in new directions. Will praise the sun Harvesting praise from this angry metallic son? I would like to offer you to read the full review.

This record has everything I love about melodic death metal. It feels fresh and feels like bouncy. It’s a 1999 album I can imagine, but the production and songwriting show a modern approach from artists who understand the creators who came before them. praise the sun Not rewriting the rules of the melody but lovingly showing that there is still plenty to life for those with a creative vision. The title track is one of the best mid-tempo rockers I’ve heard in a while. It’s the kind of cool, down-to-earth songwriting that I don’t hear about very often. With its bullet screen and choppy cylinder groove, it demonstrates that there is still untapped potential in this crowded genre.

Many of praise the sunAn appeal comes from the singer, Marcelina Janic. She has one of the best and most unique voices I’ve heard lately. It’s great to see more women wearing metal, but the plethora of bands with operatic singers outselling Celine Dion Power Metal isn’t my bag. Janick has something more feminine and more powerful going on. The comparison will be obvious archenemybut we are not talking about it here and the most accurate comparison would be Candice Night of Blackmore Night. Her voice rises with a seductive siren-like grace that effortlessly transforms into the roar of death and back in the same line. She stars in songs like “Eternal Dreams” where she turns a simple melody into a deeply compelling performance that most singers can’t reach. It delivers the rest of the scope in all the right ways. Drummer Wojciech Mroziński keeps things moving beautifully by letting go of flash rather than strong, creative drum work that serves the songs so well. Guitar duo Matthews Zarczuk and Daniel Kowalski bring out the tones and harmonies you’d expect in a classic-inspired melodic record. They serve up the material with strong, unforgettable melodies and a few surprisingly bright guitar strings. “The Art of Harmony” features more of a tear on the album, but the playing fits perfectly into the song without drawing unnecessary attention to itself.

If I have one complaint about light show, it would be that some songs sound like fillers. The album starts out strong, hitting all the right beats with Metal Core’s “The Curtain of Life” followed by “The Art of Agony.” About four tracks in, my attention wanes a bit. ‘Alive’ and ‘Mistaken Daughter’ both feel a bit outdated and don’t quite live up to the high level set by the opening tracks. Given that this is a debut LP, I can easily overlook the inconsistency. And things will bounce back soon enough. The record takes time to breathe and delivers a paced musical journey that highlights all of the band’s strengths.

light show It is easily one of my favorite albums of 2022, and “Eternal Dreams” is one of my favorite songs. A mixture of fresh melodies, S-level vocals, pop-up deals, dripping harmonies and calm dynamics, brings this fan back to his jubilant spot. I expect praise the sun to do great things. They have one of the best undiscovered singers to enter the metal scene, and the band showed a huge growth in vocal and skill between their debut EP and this album. Rotate this record. You’ll know in the first two songs if this is your jam or not. Prover means offering something in return for accepting it. I would say, they are offering a great deal. Let the light flood your ears.

evaluation: 4.0 / 5.0
Dr: 5 | Format revised: 192 kbps mp3
a poster: The art of night production
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Worldwide versions: September 10, 2022

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