Phillies won the 2022 NLCS Championship

Philadelphia – Nick Castellanos pressed the final into his glove and thrust his arms in the air.

This is how Phillies’ concert began on Sunday evening at Citizens Bank Park. They beat Padres, 3-4in Game 5 of the National League Series at Citizens Bank Park to grab the first NL flag since 2009.

Streaming from the dugout and the bullring, players ran towards midfield, with left-handed Ranger Suarez scoring the last two games two days into his start and making five runs in Game Three. lowest. They celebrated the continuation of this improbable journey towards the world championship.

Castellanos . spotted Bryce Harper He runs towards the pile. Harper had crushed the running green light twice in the first half. Castellanos pulled the final ball off his glove and handed it to Harper.

“Take it, brother,” said Castellanos. “This is your time.”

“Let’s give them something to remember,” Harper told Phillies batting coach Kevin long before the eighth inning.

The Phillies had just given up their lead once in the seventh inning to put them on the brink of the trip back to San Diego. Nobody wanted to play Game 6 on Monday at Petco Park after a 2,370-mile ride.

JT Realmuto started the frame alone on the left opposite Robert Suarez on the right. Then Harper walked to the board.

Harper has said in the past how he doesn’t feel anything in the big moments like the one he got into after Realmuto’s hit. He literally touched his chest to look for his heartbeat, but he never seemed to find it.

“We all think in our own backyard it’s the world championship, right?” Harper said. “I think the opportunity is enormous, but you are grateful for that opportunity. I think if you gratefully enter the bat, it doesn’t matter what happens.”

Harper mistook a first-class diver. Take the second pitch for the ball. Then he mistook three pitches in a row to fall 1-2 behind.

Then Suarez threw the change that fell outside the area.

“Unbelievable shot,” said Austin Nola, Mask Padres. “unbelievable. This is the playing field on which he swings. The fact that he was patient and took – this is the best stadium for Suarez. Without making a lot of effort.”

Then Suarez threw a weight 2-2 towards the outer half of the board. Harper dropped it, sending the ball to the left center field benches for a home run twice to take the lead. In doing so, Harper became the sixth player to be given the green light in a post-season stadium with his side trailing in the eighth inning or later in a potential decider match.

“The star came,” said director Rob Thompson. “He has played. That is why it’s a [NLCS] best player. Often you don’t see it. Sometimes the stars don’t hit. I have hit.

“We’ve always called him The Showman,” said Zach Wheeler. “Every time he comes in big, he gets hit or something. He’s a showman. That’s why you sign him, the city loves him. I mean, you can’t say enough about the guy. He just has the ‘thing’ inside of him. He has that where He advances in the big moments. He’s always been a man.”

“The way he was able to immerse himself in the moment and maintain focus and calm was [expletive] Castellanos said. “Please, use those exact words.”

Thompson thought the roof would come out of the bunker when Harper was hunting. Wheeler was in the coach’s room. He said the windows shook and the ceiling tiles started cracking.

“It’s wonderful to watch the windows vibrate,” Wheeler said.

Harper has been saying since the start of the post-season that the Phillies are not going to lose. Keep finding ways to win.

Reese Hoskins Homer collided with two runs in the third To give the lead. Wheeler allowed two runs on three hits and Hit eight over six innings. Seranthony Domínguez threw three wild pitches in rainy and cold conditions in the seventh inning when Padres rallied to take the lead. David Robertson walked two with one on the ninth to make things more interesting.

Thompson has been pressing the right buttons since he replaced Joe Girardi on June 3. And he pressed another button: Robertson was replaced by Swardy.

“We’re sitting in the parking lot, seeing the Ranger come out, and honestly man, he’s got the biggest [guts] “I’ve seen it before,” said Zach Evelyn. “He was the right man for the right place.”

Suarez sent a first kick from Trent Gresham for the second time. He made Nola fly right into his second court to finish the match.

Castellanos found Harper moments later with the ball.

“His time has come,” said Castellanos. “I know he is. I think everyone knows that. And I want to make sure he enjoys it. And I thought, ‘It’s something he can stick to.’”

Everyone sticks to this in Philly because no one really expects it. Velez was 21-29 through 50 games. They tied with the 2003 Marlins for the fourth worst record in 50 games for any team to win a trophy.

They will play the first game of the Fall Classic Friday night in Houston.

“You’re dreaming about it, but you’re also dreaming about the next step,” Harper said. “Dreaming about the next stage. I’m looking forward to the next stage. That’s great. To be the last National League team standing now, the Philadelphia Phillies, we’re here. We’re ready to go in that next round. We have four more.”

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