Philadelphia Foods About Jacksonville For The World Series


Youse guys are not ready for this. Seriously, hold on to your hats and your jawline. Philadelphia Phillies in the World Championships!

Perhaps any transplants in Pennsylvania — and especially Philadelphia — are missing the sense of community that comes with a major athletic win. From the use of teamwork To climb painted poles to chant in the streets And throwing beer on every passerby, Philadelphia celebrates sports on a different level. And with their World Championship debut over a decade ago, Phils fans might be feeling some homesickness now.

I have often referred to Jacksonville as the Philadelphia of the South. They both have long names. Both must be the capitals of their state/commonwealth. Both are known for their murals and are very involved sports fans. And they both have all my heart. Except for the time we sent Bryce Harper to the World Championships. Then Philly all the way.

And now I’m here to inject a little Philly into Jax. A little 215—or 267, that’s fine too—in 904 in honor of The Fightin’ Phils and their great accomplishments in postseason baseball. Here are some local ways you can feel at home during the show:


While I always say the best cheesy steaks are the ones made with the love Philly that has been passed down for generations from Mansfields, I hold your back when it comes to other places to disrupt your Philly habits around Jacksonville in time for the World Series. Fair warning, these recommendations have a slight bias – provolone or American cheese only. Cheese fizz can clog up in the can for all that I care about.

After some independent research and crowdsourcing, these are the best restaurants that serve authentic Philly steaks in Jacksonville best philly And the Addis and his sons. Both restaurants feature City of Brotherly Love roots, and that’s really all you can ask for when ordering a cheesy steak. If you want to enjoy the full sports bar atmosphere and sense of community that comes with watching an Iggles game with the family, then Philly’s Finest might be the place to dress up your Phils. If you want to feel nostalgic about old South Philly, chatting with the Eddis family about some melted cheese and a charged hoagie roll is the way to go.

Addis and his sons: Food trucks in Jacksonville are moving to traditional restaurants

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This might be a little controversial, but the North Florida Philly Burger at Carolina Jax offers a fusion experience. While this burger cannot be confused with the classic Philly cheeseburger, it is tasty enough to warrant an honorable mention in this category. Paying homage to what the city is known for—as well as enjoying a great sporting year in 2022—this burger features all those cheesy classics: double American cheese, mayonnaise, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and poblano mix.

philly Jacksonville pastries

Sure, you can order soft pretzels and cheese dips at just about any pub-style bar. But how many pastry shops are there only in Jacksonville? Aunt Ann’s locations are scattered all over town, but there is a lonely soft local joint. Jacksonville Soft Pretzels It offers classic flavors, such as pretzel and cinnamon, pretzel party tray or big pretzel packet options for those hosting World Series games.

Don’t forget, nothing goes better with soft biscuits than a Pennsylvania beer. Yuengling, America’s oldest operating brewing company, was founded in Pottsville, just outside of Allentown, and it’s always a staple.

water ice

As we all know from former Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s ice cream habits, cold treats are a staple in Philadelphia. And what could be more water ice than Philly? Known as “forest ice” in native Philadelphia, this popular summer dessert is more commonly known as Italian ice outside of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Made with water, sugar, and flavors, and usually fruit, Italian ice can be had in some freezer sections of grocery stores, and everyone knows it’s best poured fresh. strings like Italian Rita Ice They’ve popularized the treatment along the East Coast, but we have some local spots for that as well. You may have seen a file Italian water ice in Gala Food truck at various events around town, or maybe drive to Orange Park Mall on weekends to get a taste of it Authentic Italian Island Dream Ice. Rita and Jeremiah Water ice stores are among the must-stop locations to get rid of your Pennsylvania itch before the World Championships.

everything else

Youse should have known that I wouldn’t finish this article without mentioning Wow. One of Philly-area’s most proud exports is this convenience store chain that supplies all your needs from stones to gas and everything else under the sun. Lucky for Jacksonvillians, Wawa—which operates only in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C.—There are more than a dozen locations across the city, making it a quick and easy stop to bring anything you forget home to grab before first pitch on Friday night, including That’s more cheese slices. Because you can’t get enough.

Now let’s see a repeat of ’08 – the world championship, not a market crash – and ring the bell! Phillies at five.

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