Oregon government candidate buries support for Diem who used the N word over and over in the book

The Democrat is running to become Next Oregon Governor She silently moved her endorsement of a beleaguered state senator to the second page of her website section.

Former Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotik seeking the keys to the governor’s mansion is approved by Senator Jeff Golden, her colleague Beaver State Democrat.

However, Golden’s endorsement appears to have been quietly moved from the first page of the Kotek site’s endorsement tab to the top of the second page after a Fox News Digital report revealed the Democratic state senator’s frequent use of the N-word in his 1971 book, “Watermelon.” summer.”

OREGON DEMOCRAT frequently used the N word in the book

The endorsement for Democratic Oregon Senator Jeff Golden has moved to page two of the Kotek website's endorsement page.

The endorsement for Democratic Oregon Senator Jeff Golden has moved to page two of the Kotek website’s endorsement page.
(Fox News Digital campaign/Tina Kotik)

Kotek’s campaign did not immediately respond when asked by Fox News Digital why the endorsement was moved or if Kotek would decline to endorse Golden.

After the publication of a Fox News Digital article, Oregon Senate Minority Leader Tim Knope called on Kotek for rejecting Golden’s endorsement and for refusing to be associated with Golden, and for the leader of the Oregon Senate Democratic Caucus, Rob Wagner.

“As elected officials, we represent voters of all backgrounds and Jeff Golden has been proven unfit for the job,” Knopp said. “Southern Oregon deserves better.”

View the endorsement of Democratic Oregon Senator Jeff Golden on the Kotec website.

View the endorsement of Democratic Oregon Senator Jeff Golden on the Kotec website.
(Fox News Digital campaign/Tina Kotik)

Additionally, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Justin Hwang Golden called for his resignation.

“Anytime you pull the curtain down on Democrats, you see open racism and hate,” Hwang He told the local press. “Senator Golden’s despicable comment toward black Americans is outrageous and unacceptable. Jeff Golden must resign his office immediately.”

While he said he wouldn’t have written it the same way today, Golden insisted on his 1971 book, calling the attacks on his work “extremely ironic”. In addition, he said that people should read his entire tone and make their own judgments.

“The book was written by a very passionate 20-year-old who saw the world from a very black and white perspective,” Golden said. “We’re getting old, but I’m going to defend it as a 20-year-old writer.”

Tina Kotik is running as a Democrat to become Oregon's next governor.

Tina Kotik is running as a Democrat to become Oregon’s next governor.
(Robin Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

Golden, a progressive Democrat, published “Summer Watermelon” in 1971 about his summer experience spent on a farmers’ farm in Georgia.

Golden uses the word “n—–” several times in his summer notes in the 1970s.

Golden wrote on page 20: “The residents of Featherfield are not as politicized as Muslims, but that may or may not make a difference at all for a white community aware of the threat of a complete boycott of pride,” and of course, the only things less than great are n —— Lovers. “

Golden wrote on page 97: “It is a simple act of defiance to prove that the requirement for a good bonnet haircut is a thing of the past.”

Oregon Senator, Democrat Jeff Golden, published a book in 1971 called

Oregon Senator Jeff Golden, a Democrat, published a book in 1971 called “Watermelon Summer” in which he used the N word several times.
(Screenshot of Jeff Golden/Fox News Digital)

On the next page, Golden wrote how he and his cohorts were visited by the police after he heard of a “room brawl involving a white darling” in the city.

“Smithville police track us most of the time we get back from town, and we were immediately charged last night when they heard about a room scuffle involving a white person in Americus,” the Oregon Democratic senator wrote on page 98.


Golden is an unabashedly progressive lawmaker who has proposed and lobbied for controversial policies.

Although he did not support a full COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Golden suggested at a city council meeting in October 2021 that hospitals prioritize intensive care treatment of patients vaccinated against the novel coronavirus over unvaccinated patients to make them consider getting vaccinated.

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