North Carolina State Vs. Virginia Tech: Football betting picks and tips from the NCAA

ACC enemies will battle when the 23rd NC State Wolf Pack (5-2) meets the Virginia Tech Hokies (2-5) at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hokies take the road against the Wolf Pack, included in -13.5 On the spread, on October 27, 2022 at 7:30 PM ET on ESPN.

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North Carolina State Vs. Virginia Tech Odds

computer selection

Computer picks for NC State vs Virginia Tech

North Carolina State (-13.5)

Predictions are computed through a data-driven algorithm (raw strengths) that categorizes head-to-head matching results within a closed network of games. The confidence of the prediction is determined by the delta between the raw strengths of each team.

Compare team stats

North Carolina stats (rankings) Virginia Tech
27.4 (76) Points per game 19.1 (116)
16.9 (15) Points per match against 25.1 (61)
220.4 (86) pass yards 214.0 (92)
188.4 (25) Yards pass against 224.0 (65)
134.4 (87) Rush Yards 108.9 (113)
122.4 (38) Rush Yards vs. 133.3 (53)
6 (17) giveaways 9 (53)
12 (23) Takeaway 5 (122)
+6 rotation difference -4

North Carolina State Vs. Virginia Tech Betting Insights

North Carolina stats and trends

  • North Carolina State has won twice against the spread this season.
  • As a favorite with 13.5 points or more, North Carolina State has one ATS win (1-1) this season.
  • North Carolina State played seven games this year, three of which topped the total.

Virginia Tech stats and trends

  • Virginia Tech scored two wins for the spread this year.
  • Virginia Tech doesn’t win the ATS (0-1) as a loser with 13.5 points or more this season.
  • One Virginia Tech game (out of seven) has passed the score this year.

North Carolina State players to watch

  • Devin Leary has 1,264 yards (210.7 yards) to lead North Carolina State, having completed 61.1% of his passes, 11 touchdown passes and four interceptions this season.
  • Jordan Houston, the team’s best rusher, has carried the ball 76 times for 304 yards (50.7 per game) this year. He also had 13 passes for 159 yards (26.5 per game) and one touchdown.
  • This season, Demi Sumo-Karengby has collected 52 holders for 299 yards (49.8 per game) and three touchdowns, while also collecting 12 passes for 147 yards (24.5 per game) and one touchdown.
  • Thayer Thomas leads the 319 yards (45.6 yards per game) team. He has 27 receptions with two touchdowns.
  • Devin Carter has compiled a 194-yard season so far (38.8 yards per game) with one touchdown, swinging in 13 passes.
  • Keyon Lesane has had 20 catches for 183 yards (26.1 ypg) and one touchdown this season.

Virginia Tech players to watch

  • Grant Wells threw for 1,435 yards (205.0 ypg) to lead Virginia Tech, completing 59.5% of his passes and collecting seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions this season. He also appeared in the ground game with 148 yards rushing (21.1 ypg) on ​​57 buggies with three fast descents.
  • The Keshawn King’s 259 rushing yards (43.2 per game) hit 44 gigs, with two touchdowns this year.
  • This season, Galen Holston has hit 48 carry-ons for 152 yards (25.3 per game) and two touchdowns.
  • Caleb Smith receives 428 yards (61.1 yards per game) all receivers on the team. He scored 28 receptions and two touchdowns.
  • Nick Gallo has had 23 passes for 167 yards (27.8 yards per game) this year.
  • Da’Wain Lofton’s 15 grabs this season have yielded 159 yards (26.5 ypg) and one touchdown.

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