NHL investigation into allegations against Ian Cole is a joke

How much of the NHL investigation is there into allegations of sexual assault imposed on TB Lightning's Ian Cole.

How much of the NHL investigation is there into allegations of sexual assault imposed on TB Lightning’s Ian Cole.
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  • warning: This story includes an allegation of sexual coercion on a minor and may be disturbing

From Preliminary indictment against Ian Cole of the Tampa Bay Lightning for sexual misconduct and sexual assault until the completion of the NHL investigation, one week has passed. There have been a full seven days of claims by Twitter user @emily_smith3333, a possible alias to protect her real name, that surfaced on October 7 for an NHL statement that found “there is no evidence to support these claims” last Saturday. It took the NHL just over a week to get to the bottom of the matter before his suspension was reversed. The only public communication from the NHL on the matter was a tweet from the league’s official account, posted below, on Friday. The NHL statement regarding Cole’s investigation mentions multiple ways the league has attempted to contact the accused.

Ms. Smith claims that Cole taught her for four years, starting when she was a minor. Smith claims that Cole was aware that she was in high school when he sought out a relationship with her. She also claims that Cole pressured her into sexual situations without her consent. There is an additional accusation of Cole bragging about his affair with Smith to his colleagues. If anyone from this scenario reports it to the league, it should also be considered, as we assume all of this was done comprehensively over the course of seven whole days? This is assuming the NHL had no prior knowledge of the allegations against Cole and never investigated them. The tweet not only accuses Cole of sexual misconduct with Ms. Smith (he denies the allegations), but It also alleges that the 13-year-old NHL veteran was involved with another minor as well.

The legality of the investigation into Cole’s alleged behavior is questionable. Deadspin has made multiple attempts to obtain comment from the NHL and Lightning along the Cole investigation with no response as of this posting. Even the cutest and driest cases should take the time to go through all the information. This is not as simple as a speed camera and a small fine, while Radars can check the speed that a person is driving. Several serious allegations have been made against Cole. Unless the NHL is undoubtedly Certainly all of Smith’s allegations are gross nonsense, Cole should not be near Team Lightning facilities at the moment. And if the allegations contain tangible evidence that there is no factual evidence, where is it? any countermeasures? This is what happened to the men’s basketball coach at Georgia Tech Josh Buster’s case, per ESPN. I hope the problem goes away by not drawing more attention to it would be a horrible strategy if Cole was innocent, focusing so much on the “if”.

The simple questions that the NHL needs to answer deserve to be public information. Let’s start with this: Did the league ask Cole to reveal all of Emily Smith’s potential identities? Taking Twitter’s statement at face value should narrow these options significantly. It is almost certain that the number of 4-year relationships that Cole has had does not exceed the odd numbers. If Cole does not provide any names, not accepting this answer is the only response. The impression generated by this investigation, which is significant if the truth is not clear, is that the NHL did not give Cole’s case appropriate due diligence.

give lightning, NHL, Or any other participating team, the benefit of the doubt here is crap. Yes, not every allegation of sexual assault has been found to be true or will lead to prosecution of alleged abusers or accused of defamation. What I exclude from is hockey’s recurring pattern of not giving anything about women, with the most recent example being Cole’s nine-day maximum investigation. The NHL has seen several women promoted to this inappropriate assistant general manager positions, as if to deny mitigating years of sexual misconduct allegations sue his players. Let’s start with Patrick KaneJake Virtanen Evander KingAnd the hockey Canada As a whole, and others. Both Patrick Kane and Evander Kane denied any wrongdoing, while Virtanen admitted to having a sexual relationship with the accused, but denied imposing himself on her. Virtanen was found not guilty. The case against Evander Kane was adjourned and dismissed after he pleaded not guilty. Patrick Kane has not been charged.

There are rotten apples in every batch, for sure. That a week-long investigation of all the allegations made by Ms. Smith seems ridiculous. Resorting to a public tweet requesting a direct message from her account is incomprehensible.

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