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2021 scope map - key data for osteoporosis in Europe

Image: Interactive map highlighting key data on osteoporosis burden, service delivery and uptake in 29 European countries, as reported in “SCOPE 2021: A new scorecard for osteoporosis in Europe”, available at scope-2021
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Credit: International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)

Osteoporosis is a serious and growing health problem in Europe, resulting in more than 4.3 million fragility fractures and massive healthcare costs exceeding €56 billion annually. However, it is still significantly underdiagnosed and undertreated, with an estimated 71% of European women at high risk not receiving preventive treatment.

To highlight the issue in the run up World Osteoporosis DayThe International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) has launched a new online interactive map displaying key data from Europe Osteoporosis Scorecard (Scope 2021) The Country-Specific Compendium (1,2) reviews the reports and describes the current burden of osteoporosis in each of the EU member states as well as Switzerland and the UK, and scrutinizes key metrics in four areas: burden of disease; policy framework; The provision of services; and service absorption. The map provides a snapshot of five key facts and statistics for each of the 29 European countries. Viewers can click through to their country’s most detailed illustrated fact sheet, with a comparison scorecard.

The new map enhances the list SCOPE 2021 . platform Which provides several resources, including a summary report, country-specific fact sheets, slide sets and infographics. individual European countries and Europe as a whole. Importantly, SCOPE 2021 allows policy officials to measure the burden of osteoporosis in their country, service delivery and uptake against other European countries, or measure gaps and progress at the national level.

Earlier this year, when publishing each country’s SCOPE 2021 report, Professor John Cannes, IOF Honorary Chair, noted the wide differences in service delivery and uptake across Europe, also noting:

All 29 European countries surveyed in SCOPE 2021 face an enormous burden of osteoporosis and fragility fractures, with a significant impact on current and future healthcare budgets. Since the number of women and men aged 75 and over is expected to increase by more than 29% and 42%, respectively between 2019 and 2034, we expect the annual number of osteoporotic fractures to increase by about +24.8% in that time period, reaching to 5.34 million fragility fractures annually.”

“These worrying prospects should spur concerted action by all health care authorities in Europe.”

Since its launch, the SCOPE 2021 initiative has been highly influential and the results have been widely used to advocate for advances in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in various European countries. In particular, the alarming finding that nearly 15 million European women at high risk remain without treatment exposes an enormous treatment gap and certainly suggests that there is an urgent need to prioritize osteoporosis prevention and care.

Professor Cyrus Cooper, President of the International Francophone Organization stated:

“Only nine of the 29 European countries surveyed in the SCOPE 2021 report recognize osteoporosis or diseases of the musculoskeletal system as a national health priority. This must change. To urge action for prevention, the International Osteoporosis Foundation calls for a Europe-wide and parallel national strategies to provide Coordinated osteoporosis care and debilitating fracture reduction and its impact on lives and health care systems.”

The new SCOPE 2021 map online and related resources are available at



1. Willers C, Norton N, Harvey NC, Jacobson T, Johansson H, Lorentzon M, McCloskey EV, Borgström F, Kanis JA, IOF SCOPE Review Committee. Osteoporosis in Europe: a compendium of country-specific reports. Arch of Osteoporos 17, 23 (2022).
2. Kanis JA, Norton N, Harvey NC, Jacobson T, Johansson H, Lorentzon M, McCloskey EV, Willers C, Borgström F. SCOPE 2021: a new scorecard for osteoporosis in Europe. Arch of Osteoporos 16, 82 (2021).
3. Scope 2021 resources, including map, summary report, and country fact sheets

About the 2021 scope and a compendium of country-specific reports
The mission of the Osteoporosis Scorecard in Europe (SCOPE) project is to raise awareness of osteoporosis care in Europe. SCOPE allows for an in-depth comparison of the quality of care for osteoporosis across the 27 member states of the European Union (EU27), along with the United Kingdom and Switzerland (termed EU27+2). SCOPE summarizes the main indicators of osteoporosis burden and management in each of the EU member states to draw attention to disparities in healthcare provision that can serve to set standards to inform patients, healthcare providers and policy makers in the EU. This update of the original SCOPE publication and scorecard compares original results from 2010 to data as recent as 2019. The newer data provides a more up-to-date overview, as well as a way to compare osteoporosis management over time, within and between the EU 27+2 countries. The aim of developing this scorecard is to stimulate a balanced, common and optimal approach to the management of osteoporosis across the EU 27+2. All SCOPE resources are available here:

About IOF
The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is the world’s largest non-governmental organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal diseases. IOF members include committees of scientific researchers as well as 300 medical and patient research organizations – all working together to make fracture prevention and health mobility a global healthcare priority. https://www.osteoporosis.foundationiofbonehealth

About World Osteoporosis Day
World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) is observed annually on October 20 to raise awareness of bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. The campaign, this year under the slogan “Rise for Bone Health,” calls on individuals around the world to take action for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. #WorldOsteoporosisDay

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