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It’s time for another victory lap. The NASCAR Best Bets article took another win last week – Joey Logano +1500. Soak it and go ahead, we’re not done yet. As always, trust the spreadsheet but also trust your eyes. Here are the best bets for the NASCAR Dixie Vodka 400 Cup Series at Homestead, which begins Sunday, October 23 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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Homestead is a unique beast. Drivers ride the ledge and hug the wall along the way. The closer the driver is to the wall, the faster his speed will be. If they get too close, it’s game over. This is during the regular seasons. How will this happen in the rickety next-generation race?

Path history means more than the current shape and the current shape in intermediate paths. However, the tracking history means less than current trends. This trend is the tendency of the next generation car to spoil the bed. Sorry to put it so blunt, but we are 30 races, and there is simply no other way to describe the 2022 race car and its pretentious failures.

The rule was to chase the longest odds in 2022. That certainly won’t change at Homestead-Miami.

Race Winner Favorites – Dixie Vodka 400

Tyler Riddick +700

For those who remember the 2019 Xfinity Series Championship, broadcasters were at a loss. They openly questioned why Riddick continued to ride the wall at Homestead late in the race by such a wide margin. The answer was simple. Riddick doesn’t know how not to run the wall. As we’ve seen this season, he doesn’t know how to run at any speed below 100%. This led to many DNFs but could lead to a dominant win at Homestead this Sunday.

Kyle Larson +1000

Last season, Larsson failed to live up to his reputation at home by only finishing fourth. He was unstoppable in 2021 and had great equipment, it should have been his race to win. However, in the car with low horsepower and high power, the Homestead was not the same. The next-generation car leaves much to be desired in terms of power, but the Homestead should once again become a tough track that rewards and punishes aggressive drivers. Larson was only penalized at Homestead as far as the last lap goes. However, throughout the races, no one was better at this unique racetrack.

Can Larson hack now that NASCAR has brought an even more sweaty package to Homestead? Darlington was always a rim riding track where Larson was great but couldn’t lock in the CGR gear. In 2021 with Hendrick gear, Larson finished second in both Darlington races – both races were in a high-horsepower and low-power racing package. Second it doesn’t pay, but Larson checks all the boxes. Last but not least, Larson is out of the playoffs. It will not loosen or play safe. It is a game of checkers or wrecks. It’s checkers or demolition across most of the field, but few can actually earn the checkered flag. Most winning cars are willing to put in and keep the car for solid final points.

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Long shot race winner – Dixie Vodka 400

Noah Gregson +3000

That’s a long shot but it’s not out of possibilities Gragson has a race-winning car – Hendrick Chevy won #48 in Las Vegas in the spring. Most importantly, he has the skill to get it done. Similar to Reddick, he likes to tear up the wall and will glue the panels from green to squares. Kid has nothing to lose, and with double duty, he’s going to be getting a lot of reps this weekend.

Eric Jones +5000

The closest comparable 2022 race to Homestead is Darlington. Both tracks reward and penalize drivers willing to stand against the wall. Eric Jones had a few breaks when he won the 500 Southern, but he had a car fast enough to get to that position. This was also his second win in the Southern 500. He’s clearly skilled at handling cars that are a handful on treacherous trails. Similar to Larson and Gregson, Jones is not a playoff driver. He is racing for victories. Late in the race, some fast cars may have to give up the win and gain the top 5.

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