Monday fantasy hockey tips – NHL picks, matches, and more

Monday is heavy with NHL action after no teams played on Sunday. Of the nine matches on offer, four in particular look like a very bad mismatch, so we might get more offers of six or seven goals from one side. Pay attention to the goalkeeper’s use, as four teams will play again on Tuesday – so the rookie might take a break depending on how the Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings approach their groups.

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All times are oriental.

Favorable scoring matches

7 p.m., Air Canada Center, Watch the live broadcast on ESPN +

As expected, the Coyotes proved to be a fun venue for opposition offenses, allowing an average of 48 shots against them during their match as well as eight goals in equal power. The Leafs dominated play, even if their final results hadn’t suggested it yet. This really should be the game that Auston Matthews And the Mitchell Marner break out. Their streak ranks first in the league in attempts to shoot at this point.

7 p.m., TD Garden, Watch the live broadcast on ESPN +

The theory here is that both offenses will push each other to a meltdown and hopefully we’ll engage some special teams heavily. Sam Reinhart He must remain tied up in lineups as the lucky striker to join the power game Alexander Barkov And the Matthew Tkachuk Now that the Panthers are rolling with two men of defense on the point. Taylor Hall And the David KrigseyBeside Humpus Lindholm On this point, it’s well worth starting out for the Bruins.

7 p.m., Bell Center, Watch the live broadcast on ESPN +

What about the penguins attack during two games? Leading the NHL in expected goals percentage (xGF%) is a good start. Get six points from Sidney Crosby Through two better games. But a strong and healthy start from Yevgeny Malkin It might be the best news. Malkin line with Brian Rust And the Jason Zucker He leads the NHL in percentage goals thanks in large part to firing 31 balls in just 21 minutes in five-on-five. Hope the poor Nick SuzukiAnd the Cole Caufield And the Josh Anderson (25 xGF%) does not end with a Malkin match (85.7 xGF%). It’s best to get a Zucker in lineups just in case.

8 p.m., Excel Energy Center, Watch the live broadcast on ESPN +

Two high-octane offenses collide as both teams have some special team questions to answer. Avs and Wild were combined to allow eight special team goals against each in two matches (Avs allowed four strong play goals and one short, with Wild counting three strong markdowns to play against). If teams can’t stay out of the box, this can get ugly.

Fictional mid-level attackers

TJ O’SheaWashington Capitals (48.1%): Capitals are still tinkering to find the scoring line. While Oshie started the season in the third line, he spent the last game in unity with Evgeny Kuznetsov And the Anthony Mantha. Most importantly, it only tracks Alex Ovechkin Kuznetsov for minutes running power.

Alexis LavrinierW, New York Rangers (35.5%): Vitaly Kravstov is back in training but is still wearing a contactless shirt. This means to rotate at least once with Artemi Banarin And the Vincent Trochek For Lafreniere before Kravtsov could challenge again for the role he lost due to being hurt in the first match.

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Deep League / Daily Value Attackers

Gabriel VelardiC, Los Angeles Kings (1.0%): His single goal against Wild was an example of how dangerous this third streak of Kings was. playing with Quinton Byfield And the Alex Yavalo, Velardi has certainly shown some shadows of the high-end possibilities he had before injuries derailed his career for several seasons. They matched Anzi Copetar Goal line goal through two games, but perhaps more impressive did not allow any goals against him.

Alex NewhawkC/W, Colorado Avalanche (7.2%): Just as Anzi Copetar’s font was greeted with a full face Jared Spurgeon And the Jacob MiddletonNathan McKinnon’s streak can expect much of the same. While Avs’ top line production should continue here, the second line should get a chance to shine, too.

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Fictional middle-class defensemen

Humpus Lindholm, DE, Boston Bruins (18.3%): Keep rolling Lindholm as a valuable toy until he loses the power play tool.

Deep League/Daily Fantasy Defensive Value

David SavardD, Montreal Canadiens (9.2%): The boundless void that represents the Canadians’ defense has a shining light. Veteran warrior Savard can handle the puck and play a strong defense. His 16 shots saved in three matches are emblematic of that.

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Ilya SamsonovG, Toronto Maple Leafs (54.2%): with a word that Matt Murray Sidelined for a while due to a thigh injury, the wrinkle must be from Samsonov to run with. The big star sign is here, as Toronto faces literally the easiest league game on Monday. If there’s ever a time to let Erik Kallgren get a scheduled start before he backs up Samsonov in the next few weeks, he’s here.

Casey DesmithG, Pittsburgh Penguins (1.7%): There is no indication that pens are resorting to backup here other than the less risky match we’ve only seen Tristan Garry Through two games. If we get the word DeSmith will start, it’s worth using it in fiction here.


Ryan HartmanC/W, Minnesota Wild (74.5%): Far from a chaotic match, Hartmann found himself shying away from the lead line for the second half against the Kings on Saturday. It is not clear if it will continue in this contest, but why risk it with so many other options available.

John GibsonAG, Anaheim Pt (71.3%): After the islanders light up, a visit to the Rangers isn’t usually a blues treat. The Ducks have a lot to prove before Gibson develops beyond the goalkeeper this season – and that’s not a good game.

Seattle Kraken: The best thing about the Kraken so far is their strength. Guess Who Makes Athletics Look Like Beginner Hockey Players? The cyclones should shut down the kraken.

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