Marchand returns to practice, calling it a “mental victory” in the rehabilitation process

Boston Technically, Brad Marchand was not supposed to have any contact on Sunday.

But the ward, unsurprisingly, simply could not help himself.

When Matt Gerzelec Skating around him during practice, the winger had to give the blue lining a little bump to slow him down.

“Grizzy kept moving around and I couldn’t take a tablet from him, so I thought I’d go through,” Marchand said with his patented sly smile. “It’s so fast, I can’t keep up. We were tired and just wanted to finish the workouts.”

Marchand’s return to the game isn’t imminent yet, but the 34-year-old was happy to check the box in another part of the rehabilitation process. Bruins’ light snowboard session at Warrior Ice Arena gave him the opportunity to fully participate in skating without much friction or fighting.

“I feel really good,” Marchand said. “It was a mental victory more than anything.” “It’s been four long months and it’s going to be easy practice for the guys so I begged them enough to let me jump in there with them. It’s getting tiring and too old to be there on your own. [Charlie McAvoy’s] Abroad. But having a group of guys and getting back on the team is a completely different feeling.

“Only with it being an easy day, I was able to get back in there and do whatever they did. It was just skateboarding, the same thing I would have done myself. [Jeremy Swayman]. “

Marchand said moving forward with his training engagement will be decided on a daily basis, noting that with morning skiing optional on Monday, he will likely take the ice with his teammates for the second day in a row.

“I think now it will just depend on what happens day in and day out,” Marchand said. “[Monday] Being a morning skate I would probably go back there again…just similar stuff, not a lot of friction and fight drills. And then Chuck and I will be alone on Tuesday. We will take it day in and day out and see where we are.”

And while there is still plenty of time to recover, Marchand feels he is already reaping the benefits from the double hip arthroscopy and labral repair he underwent on May 27.

“I was kind of waiting to see how I felt just because the guys who did it talked so hard about how good they felt afterwards,” Marchand said. “I’ve dealt with a lot in the last few years with my hips, groin and everything, so the change has been amazing. It’s day and night how I feel outside. I’m really excited to get back to how I normally feel the way I feel now.”

“It’s a great feeling and kind of a relief. I was a little nervous how long it would take and where I’d be in shape and where my timing would be when I came back. But I think in the long run it was by far the best decision. With how I feel, I’m really happy “.

Video: Marchand speaks to the media on Sunday at WIA

Carlo Seidenide

Brandon Carlo “Today is better than we expected,” according to coach Jim Montgomery, although the Boston coach wasn’t ready to play Monday night against the Floriday Panthers at TD Garden.

“We’re optimistic,” said Montgomery. “But he’s still not ready to play.” “There won’t be a rush, that’s for sure. Just like there’s no rush for Grizzy or Marchy or when Mac starts skating with the team. We’ll do it when it’s right for them because in the long run, that’s right for the Bruins.”

With Carlo sidelined, Bruins called out a left-footed shot Dan Renov from Providence. The 6-foot-1, 198-pounder, who was signed to a two-way contract over the summer, has 23 NHL games across three seasons with Detroit (2016-17 and 2021-22) and Colorado (2020-21).

“We felt in camp that he was more like a steady defensive guy at home who could defend really well, help us take out the pucks,” Montgomery explained. “Very similar to Brando. I think that’s why he’s the guy.”

Video: Montgomery addresses the media on Sunday from WIA

on the injury front

Some updates elsewhere on the Bruins injury front as Boston is set for Monday’s game against the Florida Panthers at TD Garden:

  • Grzelcyk trained fully again on Sunday but is unlikely to play anytime over the next three games as he continues his lead after off-season shoulder surgery. “I talked to him at the end of training, how he feels,” Montgomery said. “We made him make more contact [Saturday morning]. He is in good health having had surgery but it is only painful not to do it often. This is a good indication that he is not ready to take part in the game yet.”
  • Montgomery said he did not expect Jake Debrosk (Upper body) to come out “more than 10 days”. The winger, who was injured during the season opener in Washington on Sunday, did not skate. “Jake is progressing,” Montgomery said. “We don’t have a set schedule at the moment.” “I think it just has to do with how quickly this area heals and it will come back again. I don’t expect it to be more than 10 days.”

Stralman is still ineligible

Anton Strallmann He’s still working through visa issues, though Montgomery indicated the veteran defender – who signed a one-year, $1 million contract on Wednesday – may be on the verge of dissolution. The Blue Line must travel outside the United States to resolve the issue.

“You have to leave the country where you are going to live in order to be able to get a visa. You have to cross the border again,” Montgomery explained. “We haven’t hurried the visa out yet but hopefully…because he needs to get his kids in too. Hopefully they’ll travel to Canada today sometime so we can get that done. I’m very optimistic but speeding things up is a bit of a problem.”

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