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Just in time for the pressure of the World Series, Major League Baseball sanctioned the Colorado company as its official CBD trademark.

Last week, MLB announced a multi-year partnership with Web Charlotte in Denver, which will supply CBD to professional players through December 2025. The announcement coincides with the launch of a new range of products, called Sport – Daily EdgeSpecifically designed to help athletes recover from the impact of exercise. The packaging features the MLB logo.

Lousiville-based Charlotte Web CBD launched its new line, SPORT - Daily Edge, on October 12.  Its launch coincided with the announcement of a multi-year partnership to become the official CBD brand of Major League Baseball.  (Provided by Charlotte's Web)
Charlotte Web launched her new line, Sport – Daily Edge, on October 12. Its launch coincided with the announcement of a multi-year partnership to become the official CBD brand of Major League Baseball. (Provided by Charlotte’s Web)

We know that the physical demands and stress on their bodies is not an old problem. “MLB players play 162 games a year, spend sleepless nights away from home in new time zones, and we also know that mental health is an entire global crisis,” said Jared Stanley, co-founder and COO of Charlotte Web.

“For (MLB) to make a turnaround and recommend a natural product, we believe it’s not just a huge historic milestone for the CW and CBD industry, but for all professional sports,” he added.

“We have paid close attention to the CBD category as its popularity and adoption has grown, and Charlotte’s Web has been a clear leader in the industry,” said Noah Garden, chief revenue officer of Major League Baseball, in a statement provided to Denver. Mail.

For nearly a decade, manufacturers and advocates have been promoting cannabidiol, or CBD for short, for its therapeutic benefits and have marketed it as an aid for anxiety, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain, among other ailments. Cannabis has since become a health phenomenon, Represents estimated sales of $4.7 billion in 2021According to data company Brightfield Group.

Today, buyers can find CBD not only in tinctures and capsules, but also in sparkling water, cocktails, and pet supplements.

Jared Stanley, co-founder and COO of Charlotte's Web CBD, called the company's partnership with Major League Baseball
Jared Stanley, co-founder and COO of Charlotte’s Web CBD, described the company’s partnership with Major League Baseball as a “historic milestone” for both CBD and professional sports. (Supplied by Malik Sfeir).

The web of Charlotte and Charlotte Figi, the late Colorado Springs girl for whom the company is named, indisputably helped make CBD a household name.

Since Fiji was an infant, she has experienced frequent and severe seizures due to Dravet syndrome, a rare, life-threatening genetic disease that leads to severe epilepsy in children and adults. At the age of five, Fiji’s mother, Paige, gave Charlotte CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, and the girl’s condition changed overnight.

The family’s journey is famously chronicled Documentary film 2013 CNNand thrust CBD, a relatively unknown cannabis substance, into the national spotlight. Charlotte Figi is dead in April 2020 after contracting what her family suspects to be COVID-19.

Major League Baseball’s stance on cannabis is more advanced than most. In 2019, it is Remove marijuana from the list of prohibited substancesThis means that players are no longer penalized for testing positive for “natural cannabinoids” such as CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound that keeps consumers high. (Synthetic THC from substances like K-2 is still banned.)

This year marks the first time the league has begun soliciting sponsorship from CBD companies.

John Travis, Chief Technical Officer, NSF Certified Sports;  Jared Stanley, COO, Charlotte Web;  Jacques Turtoroli, CEO of Charlotte Web;  Bill Morningstar, MLB EVP, Sponsorship Sales;  Greg Amsinger, event director and sports commentator.  (Provided by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Major League Baseball representatives have announced a partnership with the Charlotte Web of Colorado, which has been named the MLB’s first official CBD brand. (Provided by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

“We did extensive research in this category to understand the health and wellness benefits of CBD. However, we wanted to partner with a company that was best in class and only allow the partnership to promote products that were NSF-certified for sport to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.”

Stanley said the new Daily Edge line debuted October 12 with a tincture featuring cannabis-derived CBD, and will expand to gummies, topicals, and oral sprays soon. He added that the formula contains a small portion of the standard 0.3% THC, which is one of the reasons the line has received approval NSF Certified for Sportsa third-party certification program that evaluates dietary supplements for compliance with banned substance rules and restrictions.

“Our experts in the commissioner’s office will continue to monitor the latest developments in health and wellness, as they have done for decades, to provide the utmost professional guidance to all of our MLB components — from teams to players to office staff,” the park said.

As part of the deal, the Charlotte Web will receive the first treatment by the sponsor, with the brand appearing at events such as the World Championships and MLB All-Star Week. In return, MLB will acquire an ownership stake in the Charlotte Web – A 6,119,121 common shares have been reportedor 4% of the common stock outstanding — plus a portion of the revenue and fees from Daily Edge co-branded products.

Stanley hopes that other sports leagues will join the movement and that the company will be able to partner with them in the future.

“When you see the Charlotte Web brand conflicting with Delta and FedEx, you start to see this for real,” Stanley said. “For the sport to transition to natural wellness and make that transformation happen, this is a massive moment.”

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