Mailbag: McKinnon, Panarin leads “Perfect Team”; Cut-off chances for pilots

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If you could build a “perfect team” made up of current attackers, defenders and goalkeepers, who would you want? For example, the Toronto ‘D’ Strikers for Nashville and the Islanders’ Rangers. -mickeybox

As for the strikers, I’m torn between the Colorado Avalanche and the New York Rangers, so let’s call it a split. Both are highly skilled and capable of scoring, i.e. Nathan McKinnonAnd the Miko Rantanen And Gabriel Landskog with an avalanche, and Mika ZibanjadAnd the Artemi Banarin And the Chris Crieder with the Rangers. Both have skilled and responsible defensive positions that win matches, Colorado JT Comfier and New York Vincent Trochek. Rangers kabu kaku And the Alexis Lavrinier He develops to scorers in the front line on the wing. Her avalanche Valery Nesushkin, one of the toughest attackers to tackle in the NHL because of his size (6 feet – 4, 210 pounds), skill, and ability to reach the net. Is there a striker who can score, be effective in all situations and play 20 minutes per game less talk than Colorado? Arturi Laconin? Mostly not. Both teams have seasoned strikers who play their roles well: Barclay GodroAnd the Ryan Carpenter And the Ryan Reeves in New York, and Darren HelmAnd the Andrew Cogliano And the Evan Rodriguez in Colorado.

In defenseman, again it is an avalanche and they are joined by the Carolina Hurricanes. Colorado has the best defensive man in the NHL right now Cal Makar, who was voted for last season’s Norris Cup winner. his partner, Devon Toze, would be #1 in a lot of teams. Avalanche has two balanced defense pairs that can be top pairs in lots of teams Josh Manson And the Bowen ByramAnd the Eric Johnson And the Samuel Gerrard. You are talking about a team with speed, skill, size, strong defensive awareness, physicality and the ability to move the disc. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Hurricanes have many of the same ingredients with Jacob Slavin And the Brent Burns on the upper pair, the Brady Skji And the Brett Pesci on the second pair. They’re not as deep as an avalanche, but their style of play, and how they can stop play and keep their central defensive zone clean, make them one of the best defensive combinations in the NHL. Slavin is always one of the best defensive men despite not being talked about.

I would like to take Igor Shesterkin Rangers or Andrei Vasilevsky from Tampa Bay Lightning and pair them with any other NHL goalkeeper and be okay with that, but the islanders have the best goalkeeper along Ilya Sorokin And the Semyon Varlamov. You have Sorokin, 27, who has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers with 2.40 goals-to-average, 0.925 saves and seven shootings last season. You have Varlamov, who has an elite and dependable track record for at least 30 years, saving Sorokin and keeping him fresh all season.

Video: COL @CGY: MacKinnon speeds up and lifts in a great shot

What is a realistic projection of the Philadelphia Flyers season? Guess it hardly lasts again? -DLaurean

I don’t think the Pilots have the skill or the depth to compete for a place in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the entire season, but they will be on hold for a while and I know coach John Tortorella is going to get the most from them this season. They will stay in the race longer than expected if the goalkeeper Carter Hart He could be more like what he was in 2019-20 (24-13-3, 2.42 GAA, .914 saves) rather than struggling as he has in the past two seasons (22-35-12, 3.34 GAA, 895 saves). I expected the Flyers to finish last in the DC division, and for now, I’ll stick with that. But so far, I like what I’ve seen of them a lot more than the New Jersey Devils and Columbus Blue Jackets. However, the Devils and Blue Jackets are better than they showed, while the pilots played on expectations to start the season and I’m curious to see how they handle adversity when it hits them. They didn’t handle it well last season, but how much has the team culture changed in a short period of time under Tortorella? This will be the test.

Why do you feel like demons don’t fully believe in it Jesper Prattpotential? The best player last year, but the second and second streak are playing strong in the first game this season and still producing better than the rest. -mrpinkstone

I don’t agree with this narrative or the feeling that the demons don’t fully believe in Pratt, evidenced by his icy time. He played 17:26 per game last season, and the third among the attackers behind them Jack Hughes (19:34) and Nico Hescher (19:21). Pratt, like Hughes, does not play on penalties, but he averages 10 seconds less playing time on the ice per game (2:43) than Hughes (2:53). He started the season in the second Power-play unit but is now number one with Hughes, Hischier, Thomas Tatar And the Doji Hamilton. He plays similar minutes in similar situations last season, when he had 73 NHL points (26 goals, 47 assists) to lead the Devils. He does his best every shift, which means his icy time management is the best. It’s how he makes the most of every shift. He could play better with Hughes, which means he’s a front-line striker. Remember, too, that last season was the first time in his five seasons with New Jersey that he got close to a point per player. It’s three games but he’s doing it again this season. The next step for him is to become a penalty kick killer, something that the best strikers in the NHL must do. If he does, you’ll see his icy time rise.

Will Bo Horvat Re-sign with Vancouver? What is AAV? – @ 5 Canucks

Too early to say. Horvat is in the final season of a six-year contract worth $33 million (average annual value of $5.5 million) and could become an unrestricted free agent. But there should be a sense of optimism that he will re-sign because Vancouver Canucks captain and agent Pat Morris, recently said on local radio that Hurvat would love to play in Vancouver, which means there should be an agreement if both sides are interested.

They should be. If Horvat signs with Canucks, I would expect it to be a roughly eight-year contract in the $7.5 million AAV range comparable to any center Sean Couturier Signed with Flyers on August 26, 2021 (eight years, $62 million; $7.75 million). Horvat is 27 years old and will be 28 when he starts his next contract. Couturier was 28 when he signed his contract. It’s time for Hurvat to get that kind of contract. he deserves it. He scored 31 goals and had 52 points last season. He plays a powerful two-way match, kills penalty shootouts, and wins matches. It can convert the recording line to the closing line and vice versa. The Canucks have spent time, money, and development resources building a core featuring Hurvat, Elias PetersonAnd the Brooke Bowser And the GT Miller. Their window to win is open even if they struggled out of the gate this season. It would be difficult to replace Horvat if he left in free agency.

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