Listen to CWRU content during World Podcast Day

From deep dives into true crime epics to spirited conversations about political events, the podcast has opened up a world of opportunities for people to share their opinions and experiences.

Such was the case at Case Western Reserve, where many members of the university community turned to the free medium as a way to share information. Whether you’re interested in understanding the business world, getting tips for applying to medical school, or understanding foreign policy, expertise from across the university is available via podcast — and The Daily has you covered with a list of some of this list you can add to your queue.

Take a moment today, International Podcast Day (September 30), to stream some of the latest podcasts produced by the CWRU community.

What is the real problem?

Presented by Weatherhead School of ManagementThis podcast focuses on trending topics in the business world to get to the heart of relevant issues. The aim is to help listeners dive deeper into why and how these issues affect business and society. With topics ranging from stock markets and economic issues to career paths and entrepreneurship, this podcast regularly consults experts in various fields to share their perspectives and learn about the roots of “what really matters.” In the final episode, experts sit down to discuss why companies need to think and be inclusive in the change process, and talk about the importance of openness and trust at all levels within the organization.

Listen to What is the real problem? On Apple Podcastsor catch the The latest episode on Spotify.

Full Access: Admission to Med School

Applying to medical school can be difficult. That’s why Christian Eismann, Senior Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Case Western Reserve University School of MedicineI created Full Access: Admission to Med School. This podcast introduces its listeners to informative and entertaining talks between admissions fellows from medical schools across the country. Potential applicants can expect transparency about the medical school application process in this podcast as well as tips on how to make yourself the ideal candidate. In the last episode, it was the unknown and subtle nuances of what makes a strong applicant for a program Medical Scientist Training Program been discussed.

Listen to Full Access: Admission to Med School On Apple Podcasts.

Look Around You: Public Health Issues

based in Master of Public Health Program At Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, this series highlights the work of public health students, practitioners, and researchers in and around Cleveland. The podcast features interviews and discussions with public health leaders on major issues and topics in public health today. In the final episode, dual CWRU alumnus and public health specialist Dr. Julie Gerberding appeared as a guest in Part Two of a two-part series featuring former directors of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Discussion of this episode highlights pandemic preparedness, rebuilding the confidence of public health officials, and ways in which medicine and public health can move forward from lessons learned from COVID-19.

Listen to Look Around You: Public Health Issues on Spotify.

modern engineering

In this podcast scheduled to relaunch this semester, peer advisors from state school of engineering Offer a creative space where engineers can gather and explore the engineering world outside of the classroom. This podcast is for students who strive to succeed in their academic, experiential and personal growth as engineers. In the final episode, engineers discuss the interconnection between the high-tech field of engineering and the more subjective fields of the humanities and arts.

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Talking about foreign policy

Launched in 2012 in partnership with Ideastream Public Media, Talking about foreign policy It is a one hour radio show hosted by Case Western Reserve University School of Law Associate Dean Michael Scharf. The podcast aims to cover prominent and interesting foreign policy topics in an easily digestible manner. Among the recurring experts on the show is ethicist Shannon French, director of Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence; Military and War Crimes Expert Colonel (Ret.) Jim Johnson, Principal Prosecutor of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone and Director of the University’s War Crimes Research Office; Melina Stereo Expert in International Law, Professor at Cleveland State University; peace negotiator Paul Williams, chair of the Public International Law and Policy Group; and Human Rights Authority Avidan Kofer, Associate Dean of the Law School and former Advocate and Adviser at Human Rights First. With a team of experts from across the spectrum, Talk about Forign policy It provides a diverse perspective to its listeners.

Listen to Talking about foreign policy on youtube.

Musically parenting

Head of Music Education at Case Western Reserve, Professor Lisa Huisman Cobbs, Created Musically parenting To help improve music development and early childhood education. Featuring famous musicians, researchers, and practitioners, the Koops podcast aims to “help families and listeners make music a more important and enjoyable part of everyday life.” In the final episode, professionally trained hula dancer and mother of GRAMMY award-winning artist Kalani Pe’a, Pua Pe’a, joins. She describes how she used music to help her son overcome his speech disability. Later, music therapist Claire Morrison, MT-BC, provides a specialist overview of how music therapists can work with children in the same vein.

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