Lil Baby’s It’s Only Me album is #1 on the Billboard 200 – Billboard

Lil Baby His number drops to number one 200 . plate Chart (dated Oct 29) K it’s just me First time at the top of the list. The group had 216,000 equivalent album units in the United States in the week ending October 20, according to Luminate. It also claims to be the third largest album streaming week of 2022.

Lil Baby previously topped the list with The voice of the heroes (cooperative group with your turn night in 2021) and Cyclic (2020). the last one Been completed 2020 as Luminate’s most popular album that year.

it’s just me It was announced in early September and marks the sixth top 10 rapper, respectively, on painting 200.

Also in the top ten of the new Billboard 200, hot red pepperThe second album of 2022, The return of the canteen of dreamsenters at No. 3; 1975‘s Being funny in a foreign language Starts with number 7 and Billy Zimmermanfirst effort Leave the lights on Bending at No. 9.

The Billboard 200 charts the most popular albums per week in the United States based on multimeter consumption as measured in album equivalent units, aggregated by Luminate. Units consist of album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming albums equivalent (SEA). Each unit equals 1 album sale, 10 single tracks sold from an album, 3,750 ad-supported or 1,250 official/subscription on-demand sounds generated by songs from an album. The new chart will be published on October 29, 2022 in full at paintingweb site on October 25. For all graphs newsletterFollow @Billboard and billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram.

to it’s just me216,000 equivalent album units were acquired, SEA units boasted 209,000 (equivalent to 288.97 million official on-demand streams from the group’s 23 tracks—the third largest broadcast week in 2022 for the album), album sales of 6,500 and TEA units of 500.

bad bunnyPrevious No. 1 On Verano Sin T He’s not a #2 drive on the Billboard 200 with 72,000 equivalent album units (down 5%).

2022 Red Hot Chili Peppers second album, The return of the dream canteen, debuted at number three with 63,000 equivalent album units. Of that amount, album sales comprise 56,000 (it’s the best-selling album of the week, debuting at number one today). Top selling album), the SEA units consist of 7000 and the TEA units make up a negligible amount. The return of the dream canteen Follow the band chart Unlimited loveWhich debuted at the top of the list on April 16.

Notably, on the Top Album Sales chart, the Peppers recorded a pair of #1 in 2022 (Unlimited love And the The return of the dream canteen) – the group has made it the first to have two rock albums at #1 on the chart in less than 12 months since 2005. That year, system of a down multiplied by 1 with Mezmerize And the hypnotize. (The Peppers clocked their first number for 2022 for six months and two weeks; their landing system hit in 2005 six months and a week.)

The return of the dream canteen The album marks the ninth in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Top 10 hits on the Billboard 200. The album was led by the single “Tippa My Tongue”, which reached number one on both albums. rock and alternative music And the Alternate broadcast Graphs. In the latter, he ranks 15th to No. 1 of the group, extending his record to the largest number one in chart history.

Morgan WallenRanked first in the chart Dangerous: the double album steady at number four on the Billboard 200 (45,000 album equivalent units; down 2%), weekend‘s Highlight Constant at No. 5 (40,000; down less than 1%) and BeyoncePrevious No. 1 Renaissance Falls 3-6 (33,000; down 56%).

1975 brings together the fourth highest effort on the Chart 10 on the Billboard 200 as the new band Being funny in a foreign language The bend is at number seven with 32,500 album-equivalent units. Of this amount, album sales comprise 19,500, SEA units comprise 13,000 (equivalent to 16.24 million official on-demand streams from the group’s 11 tracks) and TEA units comprise a negligible amount. The album was preceded by a pair of top 20 singles on the chart Alternate broadcast Scheme (“Part of the band” and “I love you”).

Harry StilesRanked first in the chart Harry’s house Falls 6-8 with 32,000 albumen equivalent units gained (down 5%).

Billy Zimmerman’s First Effort Leave the lights on It starts at number 9 on the Billboard 200 with 32,000 equivalent album units. Of that amount, SEA units comprise 27,000 (equivalent to 36.19 million official on-demand streams from the group’s nine tracks), album sales of 4,000 and TEA units of 1,000.

Singer and songwriter at the beginning Hacked on TikTok in 2020 and has already made three of the top 10 hits in the charts on Hot Country Songs graph, all included in Leave the lights on (“Falling in Love”, “A Rock and a Hard Place” and “Where It Ends”). All three tracks additionally reached the top 25 in all genres streaming songs Chart, the top five of country songs running Chart (with “Rock and a Hard Place” taking #1 in June).

Zach Bryan It revolves around the top 10 of the new Billboard 200 as American heartbreak Falls from 8 to 10 with 28,000 album-equivalent units obtained (up 1%).

Luminate, the independent data provider to painting Charts, completes a comprehensive review of all data submissions used to compile weekly chart rankings. Luminate reviews and certifies the data. in partnership with paintingdata deemed suspicious or unverifiable, using applicable standards, is removed before final graph calculations are performed and published.

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