LAFC has anticipation pressure

Los Angeles Galaxy coach Greg Fannie believes “the pressure of anticipation” is on LAFC’s 2022 MLS Supporters Shield winners in the Western Conference playoffs on Thursday.

The match at Bank of California in LAFC will be the second time the Crosstown rival has met in an MLS Cup playoff game, the first of which was that LAFC won a dramatic 5-3 victory in 2019.

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‘win in [regular] The season is a little different than winning the knockout cycle, Fannie, who won the Fannie’s Shield and MLS Cup double in 2017 with Toronto FC, said Wednesday. “It comes with the pressure of expectations.

“There can be more pressure, and again, the conditions for winning knockout matches are not always the same as winning regular season matches. We will see, we have to put pressure on them tomorrow and see if they can handle it.”

Fani said he believes this Galaxy team is superior to the team that was defeated in 2019, even without the former star striker. Zlatan Ibrahimovicwho was with the team from 2018-19.

“This is a better team than that one. Not really for me to say that, but I will say it. We definitely have more for us than that group,” said Fanny. “It’s going to be a really exciting match tomorrow. Two teams that can really attack, two teams that can be stingy defensive players, but can attack and hurt you at any moment.”

Mexico national team striker Javier Hernandez He has since taken Ibrahimovic’s place at the Galaxy front line, which means the upcoming playoff edition of El Trafico will be the first time he’s played against his compatriot and LAFC DP Carlos Villa In the MLS postseason game.

“Absolutely 100%,” Hernandez said when asked if the Los Angeles Derby is the best MLS competition. “The players who were in this organization, the city and because of LA Galaxy of course is the biggest organization here, so having a very direct competitor makes everything more interesting.”

Whether Chicharito poses more of a threat to LAFC player Villa than Ibrahimovic in the playoffs, according to Villa, who said it is difficult to compare and contrast Hernandez and the former Sweden international.

“Ultimately, having Zlatan gives you different options than ‘Chicarito’ gives you,” Villa said in a press conference on Tuesday. “I think if you look at player by player, it’s difficult. In the end, it’s complicated because it’s a matter of preference.”

LAFC’s first-year coach Steve Chreundolo said his team could have the upper hand, in large part because of the consistency they’ve shown in the way to the cheerleader’s shield this season. LAFC has also added quality this season, bringing in European stars like the striker Gareth Bale and cannons Giorgio Chielliniplus more under-the-radar engagements ahead Christian Tello And the Dennis Bwanga.

“We’ve been very consistent throughout the year with how we win games, the way we play, the way we score,” Chirondolo said on Tuesday. “That’s definitely the advantage of getting into matches where only one team can advance. We know what we can do and we know how to do it.”

However, the LAFC coach added that he didn’t want to dwell on his team’s recent titles either.

“The regular season is over,” Chirondolo said. “It ended up with LAFC as the cheerleader’s shield champions. We forgot about that. We just rack that up in the building and move on. It means nothing.”

The Galaxy have history on their side in the competition, winning two of their three encounters and holding a regular season record 6-3-5 in the series.

The two teams split in their regular seasons, but the Galaxy won their US Open Round of 16 game on the road against LAFC on May 25.

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