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LAB Golf pushes the limits of the speculators and puts in an effort to help as many golfers as possible can make more strokes. Balanced lying angle rackets differ because the racket’s face is always pointed toward your target. We all know LAB is famous directed force 2.1 hang around. However, not many golfers liked its shape and size. So LAB developed the Mezz.1 putter that has a more traditional look that many golfers use, but with Lie Angle Balanced technology engineered into it. This year, the Mezz.1 Max racket was introduced to make a great racket even better. Mezz.1 Max is 20 percent bigger than the original Mezz.1 It offers more forgiveness and stability.

I’ve played Mezz.1 this year and think it’s a great racket, to be honest, I wasn’t excited to try out the Mezz.1 Max at first. That changed very quickly as soon as my racket appeared. To begin with, getting fit for a putter is one of the last things we golfers think about. The LAB features a unique and highly effective remote installation process if you cannot access a suitable device personally. You email them a short video with your existing racket and they use their inner genius to process your specs. The proper remote video took about seven minutes from start to render.

Once you have the racket specifications, you can order a stock or custom Mezz.1 Max. I went to the track dedicated to different head colors, alignment aids, shafts, grips, and even headgear to build my own racket. My original Mezz.1 is black, and I wanted to use some color to change things up, and for whatever reason, the cappuccino color kept getting my attention. The online cappuccino color looks a lot more gold, and I was pleasantly surprised that the color in person is more brown and subdued than I expected. The color matches well with the matte white Accra shaft and the soft grip with 1.5° pressure.

Headpieces are now big accessories, and the brown headpiece I chose is kind of old looking while I feel high quality. Overall, I like the look and the Mezz.1 Max stands out without being too flashy and distracting.

As soon as I took the paddle out of the box, I rolled a few hits on the rug here in the office, not expecting much of a difference. From the first couple of hits I could tell right away that something was a little different with this racket. The weight and balance throughout the shot is more consistent and you’ll get a better feel for a bat who wants to keep his face on the target. Another interesting finding is that I didn’t even notice the 20 percent larger size that the Mezz.1 Max has over its older brother. Maybe if they had them side by side, I’d notice the size difference more, but the Mezz.1 Max alone looks natural to my eyes.

The first hits she hit on the carpet felt great and Mezz.1 Max felt like she wanted to stay on her way no matter how your hands tried to manipulate her. The same feeling was there in golf, and it was much stronger for me than the standard Mezz.1 feel. When you place a Mezz.1 Max on a target, the bat just wants to hit the ball at that target. The other interesting observation is that for me the new Max has a softer, stiffer feel compared to the smaller head. The sound on impact was more muted and the pitch was lower, even in the case of bugs. Just like the original photo, the grooved face puts an instant roll forward on the ball and reduces nearly all of the jump.

LAB says the Mezz.1 Max is 20 percent more stable, and I don’t think that’s just marketing talk. I’ve been in this funk situation where I’ve been making contact on the toe of the racquet regularly. This loss has caused me to miss more than a few hits this year, and I hit some with the new racket as well. These toe bugs are still going straight and I haven’t lost much speed. Those hits left the racket’s toe and either came short or just missed my intended line a little bit. These bugs are a huge improvement over the traditional code that has been my players all summer. The biggest problem I had with the original Mezz.1 was that it took a while to get used to the long beats. This was not the case with Max, where I felt more comfortable from the long range and was able to get close to the hits and reduce the three-stroke chances by a good amount.

Overall, if you are looking for a new flat, the LAB Golf Mezz.1 Max putter is something you should check out. You have a racket that can really help you make more hits thanks to Lie Angle Balanced technology, added tolerance and stability.

For more information on my Mezz.1 Max putter review, listen to the Club Junkie podcast, available below and on any streaming service.

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