Knee jerk reaction to the Steelers’ 16-10 loss to the Dolphins

Quick reactions are immediate reactions to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. This is something we usually do as sports fans. Especially if you are a full-blooded Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer. As usual, I collect my quick thoughts and post them right after each STELLERGame (My son Kyle might have a few things to say, too). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (or not). With that being said, I’ll be employing that philosophy here during week seven of the NFL regular season. Time to stack up some wins!!!

First Quarter

  • The Steelers win the lottery and are postponed. Boswell kicks.
  • Nice treatment by Maulet.
  • The Steelers then give up their first loss in Game Two and 19.
  • Yes, the area does not look very good.
  • Kyle is angry that the Steelers don’t recognize running fakes, but the biggest problem is the soft zone being played in high school.
  • The Steelers give up the touchdown pass. So the abuse will play from behind. dolphins 7, Steelers 0.
  • Was anyone surprised that it was just a delivery at first?
  • Since we brought back the Swiss Cheese District, Kyle asked, are we going to bring back R double P…and crime does. Run, run, pass, punt.
  • That was a terrible kick by the Big Press.
  • And again dolphins capture large yards tossing in the middle of the field.
  • This will get out of hand very quickly. I thought the Buffalo game got out of hand quickly. This will be there with him.
  • The Steelers managed to clear them out of the drop zone. Field goal makes it Dolphins 10 and Steelers 0.
  • Claypool makes trips in the pass game and is intercepted by Dolphins. Doesn’t look good.
  • Wow, another man is wide open in the middle of the field.
  • This objection is needed.
  • The dolphins put points on all three of their possessions. The Steelers own property and they still have to make their first descent. Dolphin 13, Steelers 0.
  • Yay! The Steelers finally took first place.
  • End of first quarter Dolphin 13, Steelers 0.

Second Quarter

  • The Steelers go for it in the fourth and less than a yard. Warren managed to capture the first time.
  • The Steelers and Boswell’s driving stalls come to try to score the goal. Dolphins 13, Steelers 3.
  • The Steelers’ defense actually got lucky with two passes that could have been caught, and they both went off the field.
  • First throw down 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage loses 4 yards.
  • Nice pitch and pick up Pickens.
  • Playing Matt Canada’s wide receiver went nowhere, and he took a penalty.
  • Running outside to the short side never seems to work.
  • Nice running kenny.
  • Nagy looks like Nagy.
  • George Pickens is amazing! Dolphin 13, Steelers 10.
  • How about gaining 32 yards down the middle again at the start.
  • Kyle says…… “Swiss cheese” for the Steelers’ defense.
  • Cam Sutton should have got in the way!
  • Due to a missed interception, the Dolphins will have a shot on a field goal to end the game. It’s good and the dolphins progress from 16 to 10.

Third quarter

  • It wasn’t a great start for Stiller’s offense as they lost an yard on the first descent and Beckett was sacked in second.
  • Three nice and out of the offense to start the second half. That was a joke if you couldn’t figure it out.
  • Another pass over 20 yards is played in the middle.
  • The dolphins are going to her on day four and three inside of the 20. The Steelers bring her in and he’ll take over the job.
  • The Steelers pick up one first down, but that’s it and they’re going to make it back.
  • How about Terrell Edmonds dropping an objection.
  • The dolphins end up going three in and out and you’ll bring it back.
  • The Steelers are called up for an ineligible receiver. They’ve had a lot of those calls this year.
  • The next play is called Diontae to enter offensive passes. This impulse is going in the wrong direction.
  • Sanctions killed that leadership and the Steelers would do the interview. I wish we saw some insult from the Steelers like we did at the end of last week’s game.
  • The defense carries them to three and they come out again. The offense needs to get some points on the board.
  • Leng’s rock.
  • end of the third quarter. Dolphin 16, Steelers 10.

The fourth quarter

  • On the third and the other, the Steelers handed it straight ahead to Neji who was back in the line of scrimmage. I wanted to see Kenny sneak in there. Big tap to gamble.
  • The defense holds the dolphins back, but the attack needs to score points.
  • And the crime does not immediately require three out and out.
  • Nice kick there by Presley Harvin.
  • What can I say? The defense has already chosen that since the first quarter. They just need the offense to accumulate enough points to win the match. Steelers get the ball back.
  • The attack looks a little better.
  • Beckett and Claypool weren’t on the same page there.
  • Claypool picks it up on the third and tenth.
  • Another first descent to Claypool.
  • The Steelers have a 3 and a 1 and are being called up for an illegal change and now have a 3 and a 6.
  • And now they’re called in to comment on Dan Moore, so she’s now third and 16th.
  • The offense was at range with the third play and 16 and Beckett threw a poor interception.
  • Another objection dropped. That could have been 4 interceptions, but the Steelers actually have zero.
  • Beckett gets a chance to be the champ with 2 minutes 31 seconds on the clock.
  • A seven-yard throw wouldn’t make the Steelers the nearly 90 yards they need to win this game.
  • All the short throws…you didn’t make it.
  • Moth!
  • Nice move from Diontae to get first and out of bounds.
  • Beckett was intercepted in the end zone. game over.
  • Dolphins 16 and Steelers 10. Defense played well enough to win, attack never played complementary football again.

I got it, my knees tremble. So I’m going to sit on this for a day or two, analyze it and then talk about it at The Scho Bro Show on Tuesday night. can’t wait!!!

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