Keeler Murray and Cliff Kingsbury play down the heated debate

Glendale, AZ – Arizona Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury and quarterback Keeler Murray He underestimated the heated exchange caught on camera in the second quarter Thursday night after their 42-34 win over the New Orleans Saints that cut an eight-game losing streak at home.

Cameras showed Murray walking to the touchline, repeatedly uttering “Calm Down” to Kingsbury with 2:32 remaining in the second quarter after Arizona called a timeout for the next replay.

“The clock was running out and we couldn’t get out of the play we were trying to get on,” Murray said. “So, it was like, I guess it was my fault. I’ll take it.”

Murray kept getting words for Kingsbury as he walked to the sideline, where there is a wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins He worked as a peacekeeper and entered between the center-back and the coach.

“He’s a real mover out there on the sidelines sometimes,” Murray said.

When asked if Kingsbury was yelling in his ear through his headphone, Murray answered in the negative.

“I just see the antics,” Murray said.

Kingsbury described it as a difference of opinion before trying to characterize the situation.

“He said I didn’t look good in TV acting that fiery,” Kingsbury said sarcastically. “I don’t know, I think it’s something from Generation Z.” You’re on TV, so calm down. “

“I like to show feelings.”

Murray said Kingsbury is “usually cold…even on Sundays.”

Rookie cardinals running back Keaontay Ingram Scored from the 2 yard line on the next play and then run back Eno Benjaminwho rushed for 92 yards, ran in a two-point conversion to tie the score at 14.

“We’re fine,” Murray said. “We’re going to make it right. We ended up scoring so that was fine. But, yeah, that’s all I was saying, just calm down.

“It doesn’t bother me or I don’t think it bothers him. We’re just trying to win. Right now the kind of thing. After that we’re good.”

“They both want to win,” Hopkins said. “I’d love to see that. Honestly, I’d love to be part of a team that’s so dedicated and focused on winning and obviously you’re going to fail. I’m not married but from what I’ve heard it feels like marriage.”

This drop was the start of a 102-second streak that changed the direction of the game. Saints Cardinals Intercepted Quarterback Andy Dalton On successive engines and both brought them back down to lead by 14 points in the first half.

The first objection was by the corner of the back Marco Wilsonwho snatched the ball from the air after the wide receiver Marquis Callaway wobble it. He returned it 38 yards for a touchdown. Cardinals full back Isaiah Simmons Dalton picked up one hand on the Saints’ next attack streak and rushed into the end zone for 56 yards.

“This was for everyone who said I couldn’t catch up,” Simmons said. “That one hand over there, I remember what my coach told me on that game call. He was confirming exactly what I did, so being able to get it right is great. Once I got caught, I knew it was time to go and I don’t think anyone He’ll catch me – I knew [Chris] Olaf was fast as hell but I think he was on the other side of the field, so I knew I was good.”

Over time, Simmons scored a goal, only 1 minute 42 seconds of match time had elapsed, and the Cardinal had put 22 points on the board to lead 28-14 in the first half. Close to 28 points tally with the 29 points Arizona scored in the first half in its first six games of the season.

Arizona also had a third interception at the back corner Antonio Hamiltonin his second game after suffering second-degree burns to his feet in August, clinched Dalton in the end zone late in the first quarter.

Thursday saw the return of Hopkins, who missed the first six games of the season after violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing anti-drug policy. He also missed the last five matches of last season due to an injury in the league championship.

In his first game in 311 days, Hopkins had 103 yards on 10 catches after being hit 14 times. It was the fourth time both marksmen had scored in the same match with the Cardinal and the first since October 25, 2020.

“He spent a lot of time preparing for this off-season moment,” Hopkins said. “Obviously I knew what I was up against coming out of six matches.

“The main objective is to win. So, for me, if I had 10 catches and 10 yards if we won a game I wouldn’t have [ecstatic]. “

Thursday’s win was the first time the Cardinals had won on their home ground in 361 days, a feat Murray called “insane.”

They snapped their losing streak with 42 points, their most under Kingsbury, who was set in 2019, and the most since week 17 of the 2016 season.

“Excited for men, no doubt,” said Kingsbury. “It was definitely something they had to answer for a long time especially doing it by the couple [of] Losses and going longer for the game, I think that came at a good time.”

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