Kanye Yecosystem explained that he is an online trolling rapper because of his desire to build his own world out of small towns

Rapper Kanye West has been in the news this month for all the wrong reasons. The 45-year-old was on the receiving end because of ‘Egg lives matterAnd his last stand differences She is the reason he lost relations with Balenciaga.

With all this going on, Rolling Stone reports that Kanye West is planning to launch his own world of cities. Sources from rapper brand Yeezy have claimed that the universe, referred to as Yecosystem, will be a self-sustaining project.

Needless to say, the news of the rapper’s closed ecosystem received so many hilarious responses from people, that one person even tweeted:

“Oh, so worship! Understood.”

Kanye West plans to launch his world, Yecosystem, and phishing takes place

The Yecosystem will be a closed, self-sustaining endeavor from Kanye, who also changed his name to “Ye” a few months ago. The ecosystem is expected to have its own homes and food and beverage items that will be sold in retail stores.

EXCLUSIVE: Two Yeezy sources tell Rolling Stone that Kanye West has a plan for his own little “universe” that’s been in the works for years.trib.al/bI2SMpN

Sources also said Yi plans to build small communities across the country with the help of his Yecosystem.

The source added that West is “trying to do something people can’t even picture,” and noted that Ye comes from a good place. The person went on to state that the rapper’s goal is that whatever he gives people is a “good thing” that has a “good impact on the world.”

A similar domain name to Yecosystem has already been registered by the Ye. However, due to Ye’s history, there may be a name change in the future as other terms such as “Yzyverse”, “Yxyverse” and “Yeezyverse” have also been trademarked.

Rolling Stone’s report on Kanye got instant feedback from Twitter users, who started trolling the concept and the rapper. Here are some responses from internet users:

@Rolling rock Kanye School twitter.com/friendeden100/…

@Rolling rock Perhaps he should clone himself as well, and fill his small universes with YeMinions who will all pay tribute to the great and powerful Yeez.

@Rolling rock The fact that she chose to continue having children with this man is very confusing

@Rolling rock This is a very similar concept to the MetaBet concept. Are the small universes within our own the future? I wonder what that means for our society

@Rolling rock Disney literally did this with Disney World. Not a crazy idea considering it’s been done.

@Rolling rock I think in the world of Cain is the Sun, you know everything that goes around it. Man ego on this man. There were it not for the grace of God God will go.

@Rolling rock I still hate Kanye, but honestly this sounds better than most billionaires do with their money.

@Rolling rock Waiting for him to start carrying a cat with him everywhere and running his business under a volcano on an island. https://t.co/2SgzXjyRxB

@Rolling rock The dude might be a bigger narcissist than Trump…wow.

The rapper is also being criticized for his anti-Semitic statements

Meanwhile, Yi has been receiving a lot of criticism for his recent anti-Semitic and racist tweets and statements. A few days ago, it was Rapper He made some problematic tweets about Jews and even seemed to claim that he couldn’t be anti-Semitic because “Blacks are actually Jews.”

The tweet, which was removed, appears to be related to Ye’s previous social media post shots From a conversation with rapper Diddy. In the conversation, West made some controversial comments about Jews when he talked about the controversy over his “White Lives Matter” shirt.

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