Kabuki Multi-Grip Cadillac Bar Bench Press Test and Review

press seat It is one of the most popular movements in the weight room – but as essential as it can be for all types of exercisers and training plans, the exercise Not exactly one size fits all. The most common application used for bench presses, the barbell, presents some mobility issues for people with narrow shoulders. One option is to alternate dumbbells—but the other is to work in a specialized bar with multiple grip options, such as Cadillac kabuki power strip.

“There is no point of greater contention, when it comes to specialized rods, than a multi-grip rod. For a long time, a multi-grip rod has never felt comfortable enough for the purpose it is supposed to serve, and which allows for optimum versatility, from person to person,” David Otti, CSCSand coach and men’s health Member of the advisory board.

Try the Otey $495 Specialty Bar to help us better understand its strengths and weaknesses, working with the application of bench presses, overhead presses, and even curved rows. Otey rates the tape in several main categories including adaptability, how it affects your joints (spoiler: it might help them!), ease of use, and more.

Cadillac Bar

Cadillac Bar

Cadillac Bar
Credit: Kabuki Force

Cadillac Kabuki Power Bar Quick Facts

● $495

● Same measurements as a standard iron bar (7.2 feet long and 45 lbs.)

● 3 grip options

What we loved about the Cadillac Bar

Cadillac tape is curved for better range of motion

On the plus side, Otey appreciates that the bar is curved, or convex, for a more natural range of motion.

“This gives you better depth when it comes to this push-up pattern and a bit of variation, to increase strength and range of motions, especially through the chest, shoulders and back, if you’re working on push-ups or pull-ups,” he says. “Joint health is what will allow us to have more areas of improvement over time because muscle damage will give us acute problems or short-term problems when it comes to our training; joint problems will give us chronic or lifelong problems when it comes to our training.”

The Kadillac Bar offers three grip options for personalization

The bar has three different handles on each side (10, 12.5 and 15 degree angles) to allow users of different arm lengths to find their most natural pressing pattern, or for more experienced lifters to switch their range of motion and stimulate muscles.

Kadillac rod can handle tons of weight

Otey estimates that the tape sleeves (the ends of the tape where the panels are loaded) are long, which means it can handle a lot of weight. Max tape capacity is over 1,000lbs – so even if you are One of the most powerful bench presses In the world, you will be able to download it without worrying about running out of space.

What we want to see change the Cadillac bar

Cadillac bar grip options are limited

Otey likes to have different grip options, but notes that it can be limiting for people who aren’t quite a match for these mobility needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with this control, you’re in luck.

Cadillac narrow bar sleeves

The long sleeves on the tape are tight, which presents some safety issues when trying to unbutton the weight that made Otey wary.

Cadillac tape is expensive for limited use

The Kadillac bar is priced at nearly $500, which isn’t far from the range of a good barbell—but its shape makes it more limited for the average user. If you are on a budget or are a beginner, this is not the standard for you.

Who Should Use a Cadillac Kabuki Bar – And Who Shouldn’t

Ultimately, Otey loves the bar as a complement to an experienced gym package (or for a gym with advanced clients). However, beginners should not try to use Kadillac tape right away. While it has great features for people who may feel more comfortable with a range of motion, you won’t be able to work with a barbell, and you’ll need to be more familiar with the principles of lifting before you can put it to use.

Watch the video above for an in-depth look at these areas for improvement to see if this specialized piece is right for you — and if the Kabuki Kadillac Tape is receiving MH Strong seal of approval.

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