Japan Deals: $555 in Economy Class or a ride in the ANA Room for $2,700

If for the past two years you have been waiting for the green light to plan a trip to JapanTime to party and search for flight deals as the country finally did The conditions for entry have been relaxed For individual tourists.

This weekend, we’ve got a couple deals that can help kick start your travel plans for the next year including cheap economy flights from the West Coast and a way you can travel in style from the East Coast – while visiting another country, too.

If you’re within driving distance of Los Angeles, or if you can find a cheap GPS flight that gets you to LAX, you can get to Tokyo and back for about $550 round-trip during the first few months of 2023.

In the meantime, if you read Content Manager Eric Rosen’s opinion this week Japan based ANAA business class producer named The Room has been hoping to find a premium seat on an ANA Boeing 777-300ER, there’s good news: you can fly in The Room for much of 2023 at a fairly reasonable cost, provided you’re willing to continue on from Tokyo To Jakarta… This, by the way, puts you in an excellent position to visit Bali.

thanks for the Scott Cheap Flights To report these deals to Japan. For premium memberships starting at $49 per year, you’ll receive alerts about great economic rates, while annual memberships give you $199 economy and first-class deals.

Whether you’re just hoping to get to Tokyo at the lowest price you can find or you’re planning a longer multi-stop trip, these deals can be a great way to visit a country (or two) on the other side of the world.

Tokyo, Japan. Matteo Colombo/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Economy trips to Japan

Deal Basics

Airlines: America, Delta, Japan Airlines.

road: Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Travel dates: January through March 2023.

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How to book: We suggest searching for the best itinerary on Google Flights, then booking directly with the airlines.

Sample flights

Economy deals for Tokyo are available during the first few months of the year for around $550 from Los Angeles.

We see prices from other US cities, even major airline hubs, double the cost of flights from LAX. For this reason, you may want to check the availability of rewards or flight deals to Los Angeles to put yourself in a good position for the journey across the Pacific.

One anomaly with this deal is that much of the best availability includes departures on American Airlines and the return flight on Delta Airlines, or vice versa.

For example, here’s your February itinerary: You’ll depart mid-morning from Los Angeles on Delta, a 12-hour, 25-minute long flight to Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND). In order to get that $552 fare, the return trip on American Airlines includes a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), but is a short layover of less than two hours.

Google Trips

if you own Global Entry And you can make your way through customs quickly, and that should leave you enough time to refuel at one of the DFWAirlines lounges before the last leg of the flight back to Southern California.

Business class deals to Tokyo

While the cheap economy fares are a great find, there is also the availability of flights to Japan with plenty of comfort and luxuries, especially on the longer part of the trip. Currently, one of the most cost-effective ways we’ve found to get to Tokyo is to book a multi-city itinerary to another destination, with a stopover in Tokyo.

In that case, you can book Business Class from ANA via The Room accommodations on its 777-300ER, before continuing on to Jakarta.

Eric Rosen / The Dots Guy

When researching business-class options between New York and Tokyo (plus many other US cities) in early 2023, you’ll find prices ranging from $4,000 to $7,000, round trip.

There are ways to pay less, and they actually include lengthening your trip, adding flights, and seeing another country. (There might be worse ways to save money, right?)

By researching multi-city routes from New York to Jakarta, Indonesia, with a layover in Tokyo, you can get round-trip fares in this premium cabin for $2,699 for next year’s travel. This is a way to stop in Tokyo, and you will probably spend more time in Tokyo than in Jakarta, depending on how you book the flight.

Deal Basics

Airlines: ANA.

road: Multi-city flight itinerary from New York to Tokyo to Jakarta, and Jakarta to New York.

Travel dates: January through August 2023; With some availability later in the year.

How to book: Search your flight itinerary on Google Flights, then book directly with the airline.

Sample flights

Here is one option that business grade ANA can provide you with in the $2600 to $2700 price range.

Go to Google Flights to search for business class availability. Arriving on May 9 from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), the flight takes 14 hours to Tokyo. You can play with the dates of the next leg of the trip, from Haneda to Jakarta, bearing in mind that the price will fluctuate based on each departure date, as with any flight.

Google Trips

I’ll give myself a week in Tokyo, then a week in Indonesia. On the return trip, you will have to stop again in Tokyo, but if you do not want to spend much time there, you can just enter a flight from Jakarta to New York. This is a two week trip for $2,699 in flight ticket for a premium seat.

Google Trips

After you’ve found your itinerary, you can head over to the ANA website to actually book, and there, you can check to make sure the long portion of the flight is, in fact, on the ANA plane with The Room.

Putting the same dates, you will get details about each stage of the trip by simply clicking on Search.

ANA / CO / JP / EN / US

Hence, you can see that, for the flight from New York to Tokyo, “room” is actually the business class service being chosen; It’s the same story in the Tokyo to New York portion of the return trip.

ANA / CO / JP / EN / US

Keep in mind that in Jakarta you can explore the city or take a short trip or train trip to visit Bali and its many great resorts, beaches and attractions.

Andaz Bali. Catherine Romain / The Points Guy

Maximize your purchase

Don’t forget to use the card that earns reward points on airline ticket purchases, like Platinum® Card from American Expresswhich earns 5 points for every dollar On the flight ticket booked directly with the airline or through American Express Travel (Get up to $500,000 on these purchases per calendar year.) The Citi Premier® Card And the Chase Sapphire Reserve Earn 3 points for every dollar on airline tickets, and The American Express® Gold Card You also earn 3 points for every dollar on an airline ticket when you book directly with the airline or through Amex Travel. Meanwhile, the Chase Sapphire Favorite Card Earn 2 points per dollar when you travel. Learn more here About maximizing your purchases of air travel.



We will definitely be looking for more great deals Japan Travelers are looking to make their way into the country now that it has opened again. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest option in economy or travel a bit more style than New York and check out another destination like Bali off your to-do list, these are great deals to consider for 2023.

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