Iowa Hawk Football, Next Morning: Evening

Full disclosure: I’m actually not writing this Morning After.

Shortly after the third quarter, with Iowa leading a 17-0 Nevada Wolfpack, he ventured into thunderstorms near Kennick Stadium to rest and entered the game with a severe delay. At the moment I’m disciplined in Miami @ Texas A&M The game as there is no indication of when the Iowa game will resume. With each lightning strike, the 30-minute countdown resets, and a quick glance at the current radar shows a giant dot of green, yellow, and red extending into Des Moines, so there’s no telling when (or if) this game will resume.

So, while we wait and wonder when this game might get rebooted, I decided to start a bit on this article to make sure you, dear reader, have fresh Hawkeye content to go with your Sunday coffee tomorrow morning.

After last week’s disaster against Iowa Plenty of slings and arrows were thrown at anyone remotely involved in Hawk’s crime. Nothing short of a good old bombardment of Nevada that will silence critics and reassure fans that this team is on the right track. With Kirk holding onto Terrace as a starter, the pressure would have been enormous if offense continued to stagnate against one of the worst defenses in college football.

Did Iowa’s crime do enough to silence their critics?

…sort of.

It took a while, and some drives stalled, but Iowa’s attack began to show signs of life in the depths of the first quarter. RB Kaleb Johnson had a beautiful 40-yard runner on his first touchdown of his career, showing some agility, toughness and poise to hit dirt at the wages.

It was the longest Iowa game of scrimmage of the year and what the team needed to keep the crowd drenched in energy. It was important for the offense to show early on that she could score in less competition, and while it took a few minutes to really kick in, a big play like this from the youngster running back ignited a fire the offense had never seen before. to that time.

The return of receivers Keagan Johnson and Nico Ragaini was another big story this year. Both starters missed the SDSU and Iowa State games, leaving Arland Bruce IV, Brody Brecht and a handful of walks to fill. With the veterans back on the field, it seemed to breathe some new life into a stagnant pass attack, relieving the pressure on Bruce, once the Hawks’ biggest threat.

With these extra guns in the field, Brian made a great call on Iowa’s later drive. With Iowa pushing toward the Nevada end zone via a steady dose of Gavin Williams and Caleb Johnson, Iowa State lined up third and one with everyone west of the Mississippi expecting another round. Laporta and Ragini split widely and both dislocated in the middle at the snap. With the entire defense either putting pressure on them or keeping their eyes on Williams, they completely forgot about Bruce, who was wide open in the end zone for Spencer’s first touchdown of the year.

Both Brian Ferentz is credited for his outstanding play-call and Petras for hitting the ball on goal. They’ve both been in a lot of heat so far this season, but at least in the pre-match halftime delay things were looking better for the beleaguered duo.

After a short glimmer of hope with the resumption of the game, we are once again in a lightning delay. Nevada got one after turning 4 and 2 before the Iowa defense decided they had enough of that crap and backed the group into third and twenty-two. Then God decided again that ten more minutes of football was too much and sent the teams back to their locker rooms for the second time in one night.

Lightning delays are not fun for anyone. It’s not fun for players who have been completely taken out of their playing mindset, it’s not fun for the officials and school representatives who have to manage the situation, and it’s no fun for fans who have to take refuge. Inside and wait. We are facing the very real possibility that this game may never end.

NCAA rules governing delays state that if a game cannot be terminated due to weather, teams may, in agreement with coaches and coaches, postpone the competition to a later date, terminate the game with the current score, or declare no competition. Now, I have no idea what will happen. It is almost impossible to imagine either side agreeing to a solution not in their interest; So let’s rule out a loss, no contest, or ending with the current score. This means either a procrastination or very…too late at night.

So, as of 11:33 Saturday night, what can we glean from these more bizarre games. The crime really showed some signs of life in Spencer’s performance, Brian’s stage calls, and the execution. Terras looked better than in the past two games and the return of Ragini and Johnson certainly helped with the pass. It’s not where the Big Ten should be, but we’ve seen a flash of what it should be could Do and that’s encouraging.

I’m hanging on for as long as possible hoping to resume this game. But with three kids, every sleep is precious and this bed is looking cute right now.

I did not do that. I threw in the towel in the middle of the night got as much sleep as I could and finished the game this morning. When Kirk is on the enlistment route and tells the kids they can play on Sundays, I doubt that’s what he had in mind.

The offense continued on its good but not great night, reaching a big play for Ragini after the final delay, and another huge run by Caleb Johnson on his second touchdown of the night.

This run was every hook’s dream. It was a lot of fun to see big plays outside of the attack and huge runs by the youth backs.

The defense looked great again, closing in on Nevada and scoring one spin in Cooper DeJean’s interception. Terry Roberts also had a pick of six but was turned down on an offside call. After Terry’s frustration last week after losing a defensive result, it would have been great for him to get one here.

Iowa is headed to the Big Ten playing 2-1 with some momentum after its best performance of the year. With key starters back and experience building up on the offensive line, this team has some opportunities to make strides. It remains to be seen if this wasn’t a single wonder by BF, Petras, and company, but it’s the first ray of hope through the storm clouds in a long time.

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