Includes BBC’s “Morning Live” on tunable Elation fresnels

Many Britons start their day with Morning Live, a topical live morning program on the BBC that has resonated with audiences since it first aired in 2020. The timely winning programme, which is broadcast on BBC One, has moved to a new studio in the heart of Manchester earlier this year. ELP, a commercial division of White Light, was asked to provide display lighting for the new Versa ABC Studio and switched to Elation Professional’s KL Fresnel 8 FC PO LED fixture as a major component of the excavator.

ELP has worked on several live broadcasts and has a reputation for meeting the lighting requirements of a variety of clients. Darren Fletcher, Director of Sales, ELP commented: “Versa contacted us to provide lighting for Morning Live, which will be filmed live on the 11th floor of ABC Studio. Our job was to work closely with the lighting designers, Dave Evans and later Andy Staggles, not only to maintain The fresh and cool look that was established in the first series but also to reinforce this in his new space.”

ambient lighting

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the abundance of morning light streaming in through the wide windows lining the group’s backdrop. Not only will your lighting setup need to contend with that extra light, but it will also be able to adapt to ever-changing weather conditions. After visiting the site, lighting designers identified Elation’s KL Fresnel 8 FC PO™, a dynamic full-colour white Fresnel LED lamp that Fletcher and his team installed on a long-term rental basis within the studio.

“Because we’re fighting the sunlight with the glass wall, we needed fairly bright fixtures,” Fletcher stated, adding that they often need all lamps with a brightness of 18,000 lumens. He says fixtures, used in all major lighting, backlighting, and general fill and coverage, are mostly used for white temperatures of varying degrees, mostly in daylight.

Optimized broadcast

The KL Fresnel 8 FC PO is optimized for special broadcast requirements and features a full color spectrum RGBMA LED engine that provides precise color temperature control, full spectrum color rendering and even wash coverage. The fixtures, optimized for the tunable white lighting requirements of live TV, can adapt to light that shifts away from pure white toward green or purple by adjusting the green-purple shift and a virtual gel library. Capable of matching the camera’s white balance, users can easily change the color temperature without using green gels and filters. In the Versa ABC Studio, the rafters on each unit precisely direct the light and minimize unnecessary light spillage.


The pole is operable

The column-operable units first appeared on Morning Live in February and work alongside LED soft light panels and full-color LED PAR lights in the studio setting. The unit’s shaft operation allows for easy maneuverability, tilt and zoom while avoiding having to reach fixtures by climbing on a ladder. “The column process was important to this job and was one of the unit’s main selling points,” Fletcher asserts. KL Fresnel 8 FC PO also provides manual access via the built-in encoders, providing instant control of intensity, color temperature, green shift and other important settings.

BBC Morning Live runs five days a week all year round with a short summer break. “They have proven very useful and have been very successful for us,” concludes Fletcher, noting that they also hired her at BBC Proms last summer.

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