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biotechnology industry talent market It was fickle, to say the least. As a hiring manager, you’ve had to get through the pandemic, the quick transition to virtual hiring, the “Great Recession”, skills shortages, fierce competition for the best talent, and now what might be a biotech downturn due to inflation and the possibility of an economic downturn.

What’s Next? The truth is that no one is quite sure that the influence of global market forces will continue to rebound across the global economy.

With so many unknowns and the ever-changing nature of hiring, biotech and pharmaceutical hiring managers need all the help they can get to find the right people for their companies. Some of the most important resources for hiring managers are search and recruitment firms.

However, hiring a company is by no means a “set and forget” option. Maximizing your partnership with the right company requires a thoughtful, strategic, and collaborative mindset, as well as a fair share of prep work.

Here are the top 3 tips from Workforce Genetics that can help a hiring manager like you get the most out of their team or search company partner.

Tip #1Align your needs with the type of recruitment company you are involved with.

It is very important for hiring managers and companies to know the difference between a recruitment agency and a search company. While they are often grouped together, they are two distinct models of recruitment with different end goals.

Recruiters mostly focus on contract staffing, staff augmentation, project staffing assignments, or entry-level or less specialized jobs often hired through a “contract-to-hire” model. These are not permanent positions, and the contractors who hire them are actually hired as employees of the staffing agency. The ideal client for a recruitment agency is a large company with many projects and volatile staffing needs.

search companies, on the other hand, are usually smaller companies with a specific niche such as, for example, life sciences and biotechnology. Candidates hired by a search company are always hired directly as employees of their clients. The positions they are appointed to are usually highly skilled positions, executive/management positions, or highly sought-after positions. The successful recruiter for the search company becomes an expert in their field and fosters the deep candidate relationships they nurture so that the time to make a move is they will be there to help.

So, the first tip is to understand the type of jobs you are looking to fill and then select the right hiring partner that is best equipped to meet those needs. You can read a more detailed exploration of the differences between recruitment and search companies in this Workforce Genetics blog post.

Tip #2Make sure your recruitment process is optimized and running smoothly before hiring a recruitment agency or search company.

See, you can get involved with the most amazing search company on the planet that can attract great job candidates and direct them to your recruitment system. But if your process is flawed and candidates get stuck in bottlenecks, interviews are delayed, or letters get stuck, it’s all in vain.

You can only maximize the value your hiring partner creates if the internal hiring process works to a high standard.

Here’s what you need to assess and improve your hiring process before you partner with a recruiting firm:

  • Create a job description/advertising writing process that sets standards and ensures high quality content that attracts the right candidates. These must be written in the second person; It shouldn’t be too long; You must be distinguished Employer Value Proposition, And the; Show what makes the role desirable.
  • Decide how the vacancy will be promoted outside of the careers page on your website. What job search sites work best? What social media reach the right audience? What personal events/conferences will you attend?
  • What is your interview process? How virtual and what is personal? Who are the decision makers? How much time is required to complete each decision maker? Who writes and approves the offer letters?
  • What are the documents required for interviews and interviews before and after employment?
  • How do you transfer a new employee to the onboarding process?

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All of these elements and more must be identified and accepted as a standard operating procedure for each member of your team involved in the hiring process. This way, when your search company finds a great candidate, you can deliver great results Candidate experience From start to finish and give your team the best chance of securing that talent.

Tip #3Set expectations early and avoid a transactional mindset.

Once you have identified and engaged the type of hiring partner you need, communicate openly, be transparent, and set clear expectations for what you want from the partnership. The more open and honest you are, the more confident you will be early in the process, which opens the door to building a true collaborative partnership faster. This will also help clear out some of the proverbial kinks before they become a problem that leads to a missing filter.

Avoiding a transactional mindset, where seat-filling goes beyond building relationships and strategic goals, is essential. This is especially the case when dealing with a search company whose business is based on trust, strong relationships, and intimate networks.

Tell the company what to expect, build consensus on how to move forward, and keep the big picture in mind – the biotech community in any given position is relatively small, so remembering the value of the community will pay off in the long run for your hiring efforts.

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Here’s a breakdown of what you can do as a hiring manager to set expectations early to get the most out of your search or recruitment agency partnership.

  • Make an appointment and get ready for the receiving meeting
  • Share your draft and/or final job description early
  • At the admission meeting:
    • Describe why the role is open
    • Determine hard and soft skill requirements
    • You should own the review and it’s good to have it
    • Explain company culture and employer value proposition (why candidates should join your company)
    • Talk about the current team and the reason for its success
    • Divide the five responsibilities into the first five roles
    • Describe the daily tasks of a particular role
    • Set expectations for 30, 60, 90 days after renting
    • Corporate status and benefits (details such as domain, rewards, login, healthcare, relocation, and other details)
    • Talk about how you prefer to receive applications from candidates
    • Review CV submission notes and convert time forecast
    • Outline the interview process
    • Decide who owns which parts of the process
    • Set permanent scheduled check-ins, and repeat them as needed.

Ultimately, internal recruitment processes need to be improved and standardized. These SOPs, your goals and needs must be communicated clearly early on to your research partner. And you and the company you’re participating in must be on the same page, trust each other, and understand that your partnership is not about filling a single seat, it’s about building hiring momentum and protecting relationships—regardless of whether it’s a rejected candidate, a job referral, resources or strength development partners. employee or talent company network.

As a hiring manager, you need to look inward first before looking for an external search partner. Once you have your ducks in a row, go get the help you need and you will be in the best position to make the most of your cooperation.

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