How tech teams are keeping America’s largest bank on a digital path

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KMPG released recently exploratory study More than 1,000 CTOs find an increasing focus on customer experience in their planning. Nearly 46% of respondents indicated that customer experience is the primary objective of investing in enterprise technology. This means an increased focus on direct engagement with CX for technology teams.

this is The growing role of technology professionals CX is in full swing at Chase Bank, which has built its organization to foster collaboration between product, data, analytics, design, and technology teams.

“Technologists have equal seats at the table with their colleagues in product, design, data, and analytics,” he says. Jill HouseChase CIO: “This structure fosters collaboration and the sharing of diverse experiences and perspectives, accelerates decision-making, and spurs innovation.”

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As of the second quarter of 2022, Chase had 60.7 million active digital customers – an increase of 7% from last year – and 47.4 million active mobile customers – an increase of 11% from last year. “We spend a lot of time researching the user throughout the development cycle of new products and features,” he says. Rohan AminChase’s chief production officer. “How our customers use our app and website tells us what these experiences look like. On average, our customers log into our app 20 times a month. We focus on helping them get the most out of their traffic, whether it’s to pay a bill or set up automatic savings deposits. investment, or travel reservations.

Amin continues: Each of Chase’s 100 product teams has its own “product, data, analytics, design, and technology leader to accelerate innovation and decision-making.” “These teams work together daily and focus on creating beautifully designed customer-centric experiences in our mobile app and website. Working together in a unified way, we look at the customer experiences we want to create or improve and build the technology behind the scenes to support what is wanted “.

What kind of skills or training Should tech professionals pursue or provide for a better superior customer experience? “Always be curious and open to learning new things throughout your career,” House says. “There has been a marked shift towards leveraging the latest technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, to create tools that best meet customer demand. But technologists should also be open to learning legacy technologies as well.”

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Bringing tech professionals closer to the scene with customers also helps attract talent, Amin adds. “This new structure is also driving our recruitment and career development efforts. People want to work in this structure – so it’s one of the many factors that attract talent, including our goal and scope based culture.”

Workplace culture plays a key role in enabling the customer experience experience, House says: “What many of the technologists on my team, myself included, love is the ability to make a direct impact on the more than 66 million families we serve in the United States…It’s from It is incredibly rewarding to be able to help our customers get the most out of their money, while building the technology that supports digital experiences in our app and website.”

Says Haus, “I encourage technologists looking to make an impact on consumers’ lives to find a company that aligns with their values ​​and will give them the opportunity to build a career and make an impact at scale. I’ll add that we are hiring.”

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