How Lydia Koe got involved in her ‘lucky charm’

Life is very good for Lydia Ko both on and off the golf course at the moment.

Chung Seung-jun / Getty Images

Life is very good for Lydia Ko both on and off the golf course at the moment.

Lydia Koo revealed that she used the golf theme to propose to her boyfriend Chung Jun, nicknamed it a “good luck charm.”

Ko, who advanced two places to be ranked third in the world after Her last win in South Koreais now engaged to marry.

In a live chat on Henni & Hally: Women with Game Podcast with hosts Hally Leadbetter and Henni Koyack, the 25-year-old Kiwi revealed the couple’s marriage proposal process.

“It’s so complicated. I applied to him too and then he proposed to me. I was like, ‘Why should a man propose?” So I did it like golf. I wrote on the golf balls, “Will you marry me?”

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“In Korea, we schedule the wedding before the proposals are made, so you are engaged but sometimes the guy will propose a week before the wedding. Some people do it early and some people make a surprise proposal a few days before – so it’s completely different.”

“He proposed during our engagement shoot. It was really cool. I didn’t expect it. He was talking about numbers and how many days we’ve known each other and things like that. I was thinking for a moment, ‘Why are you throwing numbers at me?’ Then I realized what was going on.”

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Lydia Koe cries after winning the title in her home country of South Korea.

Ko and Chung will marry in Korea during the looming Koo tour ending season of the LPGA Tour.

She met Ko Chung before winning the Lotte Championship last April, and he quickly became known as the “Good Luck Charm.”

“We met through mutual friends,” Coe told Henni & Hally: Women with Game podcast.

“We were so grateful, and he understood because I don’t know if I could be with a professional golfer who is in Arkansas for a week and then Dallas the next week and then you are in Singapore.

The win in South Korea this week was something special for Lydia Ko.

Chung Seung-jun / Getty Images

The win in South Korea this week was something special for Lydia Ko.

“It’s different time zones and knowing we might not see each other for five or six weeks. I think it would be hard to be where he is.

“For a while, people said it was my good luck charm that I met him before I won in Hawaii last year. We were hanging out, and I probably did the least bit of practice before the event and I won there. “Oh it must be your good luck charm,” two guys said. So I’m taking it here as my lucky charm.”

Koe also gave insight into her life away from the golf course, saying that movies, the gym, and cooking are among her favorite hobbies.

Number one is Netflix. I first started two years ago, and now I think I’m a complete binge-watching person,” she admitted.

“After my tour, whether it’s a good day or a bad day, I look at it [Netflix]. I think I was watching it so much on my phone that my fiancé would say “I think you need to get an iPad so at least your eyes don’t go wrong.” So this is a work in progress to stop binge-watching and do more in my spare time.

“I love working outside. Especially when it’s a tough day, I like to sweat and feel that stress also comes with that.

“I love cooking. I feel like it’s totally different from golf, and I love spending time in the kitchen. Sometimes my mom or fiancé would say, ‘Is it good that you’re in the kitchen?’” Shouldn’t you rest on your days off? But it is convenient for me.

“Removing the stems from bean sprouts may be the most boring thing in the world, but it is very therapeutic. I really love cooking. It’s a different pace of life.”

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