Guards pass Yankees in another blow to Oscar Gonzalez

CLEVELAND – A few minutes after Oscar Gonzalez’s victory in the ninth round solo Saturday night gave the Cleveland Guardians a break, 6-5 The win over the New York Yankees in Game 3 of the Major League Soccer series, but long enough after the actual celebration to stop, a disturbance arose in the Guardians’ back corner.

Stephen Kwan, who scored one of the five hits in the ninth inning that helped Cleveland return from two runs, in full gear, and an unbuttoned shirt, was rambling around teammate Josh Naylor in pursuit of a mini basketball. Naylor was rushing around, teased by his teammates, hoping to bury a bullet before Kwan could recover.

The youngest team in Major League Baseball had just finished two tough days that included Win 10 runs in the game 2, a late trip to Cleveland and back in the ninth inning against baseball’s most famous brand. They just pulled themselves into a game from the AL Championship Series. And they were consumed with the small hoop inner knockout game.

“We are competitors. We are baseball players,” said junior Will Brennan. “That’s all we do.”

Worn by years and expectations, more experienced playoff teams find themselves exhausted from the pursuit of October glory.

For example, the Yankees watched a patchwork pulp pass after visitors Aaron Judge, Oswaldo Cabrera and Harrison Bader built a two-stage lead that they held in the ninth inning. Yankees Led big companies At Homers this year. The guards hit the second lowest number. They knocked out the Yankees 15-5 on Saturday but only beat them by one round. This is how the best contact team in baseball won all year.

We are not trying to make any statements or anything. Austin Hedges, ball catcher Austin Hedges said. “We are not going to go out and beat you 10-1. This is how we win matches.”

They may not try to make any statements, but even prepare His unconventional song Regardless, Gonzalez writes history the same way. The 24-year-old was solo against right-handed Clark Schmidt, and it was his third goal in the ninth inning or so in five post-season games this year — as much as any baseball player ever. career path career path. Only David Ortiz has hit so much in the same post-season.

“Unbelievable,” Gonzalez said through team interpreter Agustin Rivero.

“I feel like he doesn’t quite realize how talented he is,” Short Stop Amed Rosario, who is also responsible for the ninth inning single and the winning inning scorer, told Rivero through. It might be hard to hide from now. His teammates called Gonzalez “SpongeBob” this year because of his song. Saturday night, Hedges called him something new.

“Big right Papi” said — and for a young Dominican player hoping for stardom, perhaps a nickname couldn’t mean more than that.

Naylor came home in the first round of the day with one breakout single, one that unleashed the joy of the city watching their promising team go beyond expectations. The Guardians have entered this season full of energy, rocking the buoyancy of an untapped team with the kind of expectations that make it so hard for the Yankees to surprise not only the baseball world but even themselves every year.

Americans do not live in a world where they can exceed expectations. They don’t amaze the teams as much as the guards. When they don’t win, they look for answers.

And Saturday night’s answer was as straightforward as it was uncomplicated: Manager Aaron Boone started the streak with four proven relievers—one of whom, presumably closest Clay Holmes, missed the final week of the regular season with a shoulder injury. He used all four of them on a losing attempt in Game 2. On Saturday, Wandy pushed Peralta until he caused problems in the ninth. Instead of Holmes, who Boone said wanted to avoid using on consecutive days shortly after the injury, he opted for Schmidt, a novice who couldn’t miss the Cleveland rackets.

“Part of the thing that made him available for this series was [he was] Boone said. “…so while it was good today and I expect it to be fully available tomorrow, I felt like we needed to stay out of there.”

Holmes later said he had expected to advance. Rookie Luis Severino, who struggled early but settled to hold the Guardians twice in the sixth, was surprised not to see him.

“It’s closer to us, so of course I was surprised,” Severino said. “I don’t know if he fell. There shouldn’t be people in the playoffs.”

Now the Yankees have faltered, and it’s a game far from watching another roster of veterans succumb to the wear and tear of it all. They ended the Sabbath creaking at knuckles, sniping at each other, and bringing grievances out into the open. Down the hall and a world away, rangers answered questions about cartoon sea sponges and chased a little basketball around the club in full uniform like kids who got up late at school night, getting ready for a while so they could run again tomorrow.

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